Feb. 12, 2011 “Thank You Aaron” Dis’

From: Richard Bennett (genedoc1@msn.com)

To: David Masters

Date: February 12, 2011

BTW. Your little story about your life change genesis is still a matter for the Feds. If you had any class– probably impossible–you get to cleaning up the horrors you created with the ” Thank you Aaron” and the way you aborted his death and the events that were the truth—not your sociopathic rendition. Aaron deserves that.

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One thought on “Feb. 12, 2011 “Thank You Aaron” Dis’

  1. Aaron says:

    I saw this on Twitter and Facebook. Is it true?
    I believe Dave has become obsessed and unhinged and I am afraid that he might do something to hurt me or my family. Soon after my son was killed, Dave and I separated and our divorce was final last June 2010. Dave became very bizarre during our divorce during Sept. 2009 and June 2010. He told me that Aaron comes to him every night and communicates with him. The only time he can get any sleep is if would take a sleeping aid and he didn’t want to do that because he wanted to hear what Aaron would tell him. Here are some of the things he would say to me: Aaron told him that he died to save me; that Aaron was trapped in the house because the sex demons would not let him go and that I did not love Aaron if I sold the house because he would be trapped there for eternity; the demons were there to possess me and they had to keep sending more and more because they were having a hard time because I was resisting them; they were going to turn me into a succubus which is a demon that takes on a human form and seduces men in their sleep so the head sex demon can collect the semen and plant the semen in other women to bear other succubus children; now the demons were going to start working on my 77 yrs old mother because she lived in my home; he said Aaron told him that if I wear red someone was going to shoot me and that Sascha was going to die. At this time he was seeing Dr. Monte Meier for counseling.

    Admin Note: This post was fraudulently posted with counterfeit email and submission data

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