Here is an ever-growing collection of con man Richard Wayne Bennett’s various media… For example:

silver-streak-wayne-bennett-rolling-precious-metals-investment-scam-tour-busScam Silver Streak Wayne Bennett Precious Metals Trader Investment Broker Advice

Hear it for yourself… A live investment presentation by “Silver Streak.” The precious metals con artist, who fleeces the life savings of unsuspecting victims, while riding in his bus. … Continue reading

wayne-bennett-lies-in-court-seeing-ghosts-7-11-video-proofRichard Bennett Lies in Court Seeing Ghosts 7-11 Video Proof

This is actually one of my favorite episodes in the Richard Bennett saga, where he appears in Court and lies to the Judge, stating that he did not break the restraining order by harassing my wife at the 7-11… and … Continue reading

richard-wayne-bennett-drug-bust-illegal-drugs-felony-wanted-rewardRichard Bennett on the phone with Tina

Why buy drugs from drug dealers, when you can get it from drug busts? … Continue reading

Ive-already-bought-his-wife-richard-wayne-bennettRichard Wayne Bennett Bought His Wife

Yeah, yeah. It’s, it’s um… Yeah. It’s, it’s, ah… For example, when I was in Viet Nam, I went over third battalion (inaudible) division, I ended, ended up being assigned to, uh, (inaudible) company one delta first twenty-second marines, but, … Continue reading

Richard-Wayne-Bennett-Psychopathic-Phone-MessagesRichard Wayne Bennett Psychopathic Phone Messages

Here are some examples of actual psychopathic phone messages left by wanted felon, Richard Wayne Bennett, while on the run from authorities… threatening the administrator of this web site … Continue reading

Richard-Bennett-New-mail-service-owner-arrestedPortland Oregon Mailbox Phone Messages

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive… Self-proclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist’s trouble in paradise. Hmm… No trouble, here… Anyone else seeing a pattern? Or is it just me? It appears that Richard Wayne Bennett … Continue reading

Dont-let-a-psychopath-interrogate-your-child-like-Richard-Wayne-BennettDon’t Let Your Child be Interrogated by a Psychopath

Parents should take heed to never let their children be subjected to interrogation by psychopaths. Case in point: Paychopathic felon Richard Wayne Bennett intterogates a child for use in an insurance scam. This is the actual uncensored and unedited recording … Continue reading




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