Richard’s Death Conspiracy

I am David Masters, the owner and administrator of this site. I have not made a statement on this web site about Richard W Bennett. I have only made information available that has been compiled by myself and others, making some of it available to other victims (or potential victims) of Richard W Bennett.

Bob Bennett Laurence Wayne Bennett aka Richard Wayne Bennett Death Facebook PostRichard’s brother published a statement that Richard had died.

Within an hour, my phone started to ring. People asking if it was true. In general believing that faking his death would be his greatest coup.

People asked me for his brother’s contact information. His brother (already having to deal with the detail of Richard’s passing) asked me not to release his contact information. I totally honor his request, as he is under no obligation to deal with the personal struggles of the people that Richard victimized.

The Internet can be a cruel place. Just as with the passing of his son (my stepson), “haters are gonna hate.” There was a barrage of attacks launched by people who could care less about Aaron’s loss of life or the grief being suffered by those that loved him. Ironically, Richard W Bennett supported the death-hoax campaigns on the Internet, posting statements and responses any time and place he could.

I believe that Richard’s brother announced Richard’s passing as an act of kindness to the victims of Richard W Bennett, so that they could finally rest in the knowledge that they no longer need to wonder when or where he might strike next.

Certainly, since the intent of this site is to support the victims, knowing that he was dead might offer some relief.

Richard’s last post on this web site on August 11, 2015 at 11:55 pm, where he stated, “Guess who, fuckwads? That’s right. All you asshats are gonna have to accept that I’m out and I’m out for good. You have no idea where I am, do ya? I’m gonna expose you. All of you. For making my life a living hell and creating falsified bullshit. The ninth circle of hell will inhabited by all of you fuckers.”

Unfortunately, Richard’s final statement does fuel the conspiracy fire. I know firsthand how cruel people can be on the Internet. My heart goes out to Richard’s brother and family, as they should not be made to suffer anymore, or have to deal with the fallout from the departed’s victims or Internet, “haters.”

I am sorry that Richard is dead. It means that he will never have the opportunity to right the wrongs that he proliferated in his 69-year journey on this planet. I have no ill feelings toward him, and I am happy for him that he is free on the other side as he reunites with others there.

As always, this site will remain a beacon of hope and healing for the victims of Richard W Bennett; may he rest in peace.

If you would like to contact me without having to post publicly, feel free to email me at

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