Richard W Bennett Conditions of Supervised Visits

                ) NO. 02-3-67-3
Petitioner      )
vs.             )
That the parenting plan be amended subject to the following conditions:
1. Paternal parent agrees to pay all attorney's fees and court fees of
both parties in this and/or any future action(s) concerning Aaron and
2. In good faith, paternal parent agrees to waive rights to 10-year limit
as to past-due child support payments, commits to making current child
support payments and agrees to make regular payments on arrearage
3. Child support to be administered by and through Support Enforcement
4. No contact with Aaron, Sascha, parent or step-parent except through
monitor or respective attorneys
5. No telephone contact by paternal parent to Aaron or Sascha
6. No contact via mail, email, postal delivery or any other means of
delivery electronically or otherwise
7. No contact by paternal parent through any third-party source (except
by supervisor)
8. Paternal parent restricted from contacting schools of Aaron and/or Sascha
9. Paternal parent is restricted from coming within 100 feet of schools
10. Paternal parent is restricted from coming within 100 feet of home,
including the street fronting the home
11. Paternal parent restricted from any act of surveillance or stalking of
children or family members
12. Supervised visits must be scheduled with designated visitation monitor
at the current visit
13. Duration of supervised visitation is no more than ten minutes in length,
or longer if requested by children after supervisor consults with mother
14. Visitation monitor will alert participants when time has elapsed
15. Monitor will make accurate notations of observed visitation
16. Prompt adjournment agreed to. Paternal parent to excuse self and leave
parking lot promptly
17. Supervised visitation with Aaron and Sascha takes place simultaneously --
not independently
18. Limit of one visitation per week
19. Visitation to take place at public restaurant located in hometown of
20. Location, date and time of visitation to be named at time of advance
request with monitor
21. Fees for supervised visitation to be paid by paternal parent in advance
of visitation
22. Paternal parent may not introduce any third party to integrate with
supervised visitation
23. Monitor agrees to visually and audibly observe all communications during
24. Custodial parent agrees to arrange for transportation to, and from,
visitation location
25. Any items given to Aaron and/or Sascha by paternal parent to be inspected
and logged by visitation supervisor
26. Monetary gifts given by paternal parent will not be reflected as child
support payment in any way
27. Paternal parent agrees to refrain from disparaging remarks
28. Paternal parent agrees to maintain self to be alcohol and drug-free
29. Willingly agrees to drug and/or alcohol testing prior to visitation, if
requested by monitor
30. Visitation(s) may be taped by audio, video, or both, by monitor
31. Any felonious acts, or acts of violence committed by paternal parent will
terminate any further visitation
32. Paternal parent agrees that any violation of the above conditions, or
cancellation of any scheduled visitation (without a valid reason), results in
forfeiture of any further visitation
33. If the supervisor finds any problems affecting the children's best interest,
she may halt the visit
34. Custodial parent will provide copies of school pictures at paternal expense

Note: The following was also ordered on this date:

1. Maternal parent protected by lifetime restraining order against paternal
2. Paternal parent to increase child support payment from $50 per month, to
$664.45 per month, beginning May 1, 2003

Signed by Washington State Superior Court Judge Foscue in the County of Grays Harbor
on November 1, 2002


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