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Bob Bennett Laurence Wayne Bennett aka Richard Wayne Bennett Death Facebook PostIn his brother’s psychopathic style, Bob (Paul) Bennett attacks this site’s Admin on Facebook using copy-and-paste from Richard W Bennett’s psycho smear campaign playbook:

Bob Bennett: Dave Masters took this from my Facebook and for the sole purpose to satisfy his own self centered needs to vindicate himself as to he and my brothers relationship and ongoing feud over the years. This is causing a rift between us as friends because I have stuck by Dave but now is the time to let go and go forward but Dave wants to keep this ongoing and out there. The sad thing is that what my brother was involved in goes back to Twenty Years or longer and has totally outlived itself…..can Dave say the same thing?

FB 10 17 2015 A

Bob Bennett: If this message really means anything to you then shut down the RWB site. It serves no one but yourself. No one has ever or is suing my brother or filed any charges against him, there are no open warrants and nothing anyone could do if any of this is or was true. My brother has passed away and with him his past and any hurt he may have caused anyone. Our family’s want this stopped Dave but you are sucking all the oxygen out of the air by your actions……

Bob….Dave’s website DOES serve a purpose. I’m quite sure it is not to hurt you or your family, but it does help those of us who was injured by your brother. Perhaps you should stop visiting the site if you are hurt by any comments there.

FB 10 17 2015 B

Bob Bennett: I took Dave’s side on that site and posted many things backing him up over the years but at the same time it was to protect my family and make sure the truth be know. Dave is now using that site to gloat and it serves no purpose. He has his own skeletons in the closet. Keeping that site up serves no more purpose then to take advantage of the situation as far as I am concerned and our family wants it stopped. Two wrongs don’t make it right and to know what I’m saying you would have to know the WHOLE STORY not the part someone wants you to know or believe……I know who you are Roxie and your association with my brother but what purpose does it serve to attack someone who has passed away???

I did not attack him. I’m just very leery of anything where Richard is concerned. I hope you can understand that. I do not wish to hurt you or your family.

FB 10 17 2015 C

Bob Bennett: Then leave it alone and quit fueling Dave’s fire. My brother is gone. He can’t hurt anyone anymore! End of story! I will lay him to rest and that is that and as his brother I think I have that right to say STOP THE MOCKERY before things get out of hand!!!

Because you are his brother, I agree with you. No, he can’t hurt anyone anymore. How would you suggest we (all the people he hurt) heal? Please, if you have the answer, tell us. Perhaps if you would just post something official regarding his passing, it would help us. Please Paul, I’m not evil and I certainly am not trying to hurt you or stir anything up. For your sake and the sake of your family, please resist going to the site.

FB 10 17 2015 D

Bob Bennett: If Dave is smart he will shut it down. When I lay my brother to rest I will post that on my FB for family or anyone else that wants to see it or care but as I just told Dave I will have the last say as to what is on his tombstone and it will have his true name, that he served in the United States Marine Corp, that he was a Vietnam Veteran and his birth date and date of death. He will be placed with fellow veterans as I will be and other Veterans or people that see his tombstone will only know him as that and nothing else. He was a good man at one time and I will rember him for that. There is no one on this planet that he has hurt more then me and my family including his children and mine so if you think he has done wrong with or to you or anyone else he has hurt us ten fold but God says to forgive and that “To Forgive is Divine” and I forgive him. For anyone else out there who feels different I really could care less at this point and those people need to get on with their lives just as you need to carry on with yours. I appreciate that you are stating things in a nice and civil way as well. For my brother I’m sorry for anything he has done to hurt you or anyone else but it over……

FB 10 17 2015 E

Thank you Paul. God bless.

Bob Bennett: Your welcome Roxie—God Bless you as well and I wish you much happiness and comfort in your life…..Paul.

The following is the Bennnett copy-and-paste smear campaign (see original) w/lies and twisted data:

FB 10 18 2015 1-1

Bob Bennett: This is David Lewis, Madding, Valentine, Masters….Who is he? I first met Dave over my brother back in 2009 when my brothers son (my Nephew) Aaron Fairbairn was killed in Afghanistan on July 4, 2009. Dave had been separated from his now ex-wife and shortly after Aaron’s death their divorce was finalized. I was visiting my mother in Tacoma at the time. When Dave got married he used the last name of Masters on the marriage license which at that time was actually Madding according to his ex-wife. I believe his last name at that time was Madding. Dave had worked for my brother at one time and that is how my brother and Dave first met. That business was shut down for some very shady business practices. Dave then went on to do some odd things related to the internet and eventually went to work in the Washington prison system. Shortly after Aaron’s death Dave was fired from that job and escorted from the premises. I will let him explain the reason for his firing. The trouble between Dave and my brother started pretty much over Aaron’s death and who was his rightful father. Naturally it was my brother because Aaron was never adopted by Dave and never used his name, which ever one that would be of the four he was known to have used at one time or another but that of his biological father until he turned 18 and decided to use his mothers maiden name and had it changed through the Court just as my brothers daughter did when she turned 18. My involvement with Dave started in 2011

FB 10 18 2015 1-2

when I was informed of the RWB site and that there were things posted on that site having to do with my parents that were hateful and insulting coming from my brother. I visited that site and saw that Dave had spent an incredible amount of time posting my brothers life story having to do with his ripping people off and taking advantage of people that trusted him. I began what turned out to be a major fight with my brother over those things that had been posted and took Dave’s side. My brothers attacks on me, my children and family were relentless and to the point of opening two websites and multiple Facebook sites to attack me, my children and family, stole my identity and the list goes on until April 11, 2014 when everything came to a halt and I never heard anything else from or about my brother until I was informed of my brothers death. I notified Dave and all of a sudden I was getting things from him that were upsetting, hurtful and sickening. My family as well as myself have asked him eight times to shut down the RWB site because it serves no more purpose but to drag things out in my brothers past and make Dave out to be this concerned person looking out for every ones welfare that may have been hurt by my brother. We all have our faults including myself and Dave but to continue this mockery of my brothers death is completely wrong and does not serve any purpose but for Dave to drool in his glory that my brother is dead. In the end Dave did not win anything here because it took my brothers death to stop the madness. The bottom line is that outside of Dave’s hit site

FB 10 18 2015 1-3

no one will know about my brother but what I want them to know so Dave needs to get over himself and shut down a site that serves no more purpose but his own…….Will Dave let this comment stand and not delete it? Let’s see but there are other ways to get this information out to who I want to see it as Dave well knows….I have no hatred for Dave but in fact have stood by him through this entire ordeal but I can not be a part of this sick and twisted attack on my dead brother….

Really? If you were going to attack me, couldn’t you at least make up something new; not just copy Richard’s previous slanderous comments. LOL -David Masters

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