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Richard Wayne Bennett Found Dead

This will be the final statement I will make on this site regarding Richard W. Bennett aka Laurence W. Bennett…. I was notified today October 12, 2015 that my brother has passed away. His days and time of disrupting our … Continue reading

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Re: Bowe Bergdahl and Aaron Fairbairn

RW BENNETT from Portland Oregon says: WTF. When I think most of the blinders on morons have spewed out uneducated, malicious, hearsay as did Nathan Bethea and Michelle Malkin, you appear with a mouthful of your own crap. Just like … Continue reading

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Re: Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl

RW Bennett • June 4, 2014 WTF is going on here. I am Aaron’s Biological father and totally involved in all of this. I have spoken with EVERY person involved in Zerok as well as Generals after the investigation was … Continue reading

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Richard Wayne Bennett email to Jack Micheau & Twitter Sun, Oct. 11, 2009 at 11:27 Dear Jack, How, if you have a conscience can you hold your head up representing that scum against Shelley. The Masters/Madding/Lewis/Valentine bloodsucker is trying to scab my son’s insurance benefit and Shelley’s house. … Continue reading

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Richard Bennett Father of Aaron Fairbairn KIA in Afghanistan

Richard Bennett October 11, 2009 6:09 p.m. Name: Richard Bennett Email Address: City, State: Beverly Hills California This is another scam by Masters/Madding/Lewis/Valentine…just some of the scam names he uses. If you paid him any money go immediatelly to … Continue reading

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