Richard Bennett Beth Swanson Endorsement Letter

Beth and Jack Swanson

August 19, 2002

To whom it may concern:

We saw the children while their father was in prison. The last four years we got to see them more often and talk to them by phone. They seem to be well cared for and pretty well adjusted. We hope we will see more of Sascha and Aaron in the future.

Now that the communications have been good for the last four-plus years, with Shelley and having the children around, it isn’t hard to realize she is a good mother and a caring mother. Her first duties are to Sascha and Aaron.

We met Dave about three-and-a-half years ago when we took Dave, Shelley, Aaron and Sascha out to eat. Dave is participating in all of their sports and activities and it appears that they like him very much.

Children are smarter than they get credit for in some cases. Their biological father, Laurence W. Bennett, often ordered the children to return gifts that were sent to them from their Nana and their Grandpa Jack.

Children need grand parents as well as parents.

Children do not need absentee parents. They need as much of a stable life as possible in this day and age.

We played no role in the marriage of Laurence Bennett.

Laurence Bennett was not taken from his biological father, nor was his brother, Paul. Laurence A. Bennett, Sr. abandoned his sons and I did the best that I could to keep the boys together.

Their father was an abusive alcoholic, always had money for his habit, but nothing for his family.

Laurence and his brother Paul were placed in a boys orphanage so that I could work to support them there.

We have given Laurence W. Bennett many chances as well as money that he never returned. It’s better that we don’t have any communications with Laurence W. Bennett.

There are so many people that would think themselves so lucky. Laurence made his own choices. We do hope that some day he would like himself as much as he hates us for giving him a better life.

He could have gone back to his biological father any time he wanted to in the last 43 years.

He did make many visits to Newfoundland. Why didn’t he just stay there?

‘Abandoned’ is no surprise. Laurence had abandoned two of his young children in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are in total agreement with Jean A. Cotton’s letter, dated June 19, 2002.

Beth and Jack Swanson


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