Richard Wayne Bennett Found Dead

This will be the final statement I will make on this site regarding Richard W. Bennett aka Laurence W. Bennett….

I was notified today October 12, 2015 that my brother has passed away. His days and time of disrupting our family’s lives and that of our children and so many others has come to an end. He will never harm or hurt another person ever again.

He decided to live a life of abusing everyone who ever cared for him or believed in him. He deceived people out of money and property and not once caring how or who it hurt. He only cared about his own self and what he could gain from such deception.

No one that I know of will miss him or maybe even shed a tear for him. He died alone with no family or friends around him. He was my only brother and for the last four years of his life tried to hurt me and my children in any way he could and only because his jealously was eating him alive. He brought it all on himself because no one, not even me wanted to hurt him or have anything to do with him.

I pray to God that in his last moments he looked up to heaven and said he was sorry for all the hurt and harm he has caused so many people that wanted to love him and care for him and be his friend. His life was such a waste. He could have been anything he wanted to be and live an honest life but instead he thought that ripping people off or taking advantage of people was the thing to do. His children never really knew him but what they did know was heartbreaking and he never seemed to care.

I will cry for my brother this one time because he was my brother and I will think about the good times we had as children when he was so different. For all the family, friends and strangers that he hurt I will say I’m sorry for him and pray that if there is a God he can be forgiven for the harm he has brought on so many during his 69 years on this earth…


Eight Mile Alabama

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23 thoughts on “Richard Wayne Bennett Found Dead

  1. Rx says:

    Are you sure? Do you know what he died of? One of the many illnesses he said he had. Cancer, AIDS, drug overdose, allergic reactions, etc., etc.

  2. Legal Law says:

    Probably another one of his scams.

  3. Dr. Dondre says:

    Right… Where’s the invite to the open casket funeral? Obit? News report?

    Perfect way to hide out; to fake your own death. LOL!

    Jokes on you all.

  4. Robert (Paul) Bennett says:

    Any of you dumb asses on here that think I’m being my brother is totally out to lunch and you Dave Masters know better and I want you to correct the record and stop this madness. You know my brother is dead and I will not stand by and turn this into a circus or read these hateful remarks.

    I owe no one and don’t have to prove anything to anyone if my brother is dead or alive. All these comments are down right sickening and these people are making themselves look no better then my brother and I want it stopped.

    You know he is dead because I gave you the information and if you let this carry on and use this as a hate site yourself that will not go well with me. My brother death involves family and family only. If I wanted it to be public knowledge I would have done so.

    Who these people are that think I have to give them all this data or documents or anything else can just go to hell. This is family business not public business and I don’t and won’t let you or anyone else make it so….STOP THIS NOW AND I MEAN NOW…..IT’S OVER….IT’S DONE…..HE’S GONE….

    • Dan Man says:

      1 good bennett deserves another sounds like 2 pees in a pod

    • Jackson Bonet says:

      Right. Who is this, really? You cannot get away with this one. Can’t just roll over and play dead like the opossum you are. You fool no one.

    • Craig Hawkins says:

      “Any of you dumb asses on here that think I’m being my brother is totally out to lunch…”
      methinks thou dost protest too much.

    • Jeanette says:

      Oh, this is a tragedy. I was celebrating for a minute. Now, it looks like this Bob/brother is covering up the whole thing. That can’t be good. We don’t know anything. He says, “I gave you the information.” What information? His unconfirmed report in his own words? Not good enough. Plus, he still owes me and probably a hell of a lot of people money. Def sounds fishy.

      Seriously Bob or Paul, if you want to be believed, you are going to have to do better than that. Otherwise you just sound like you’re covering up something. I’m not trying to be mean, I am trying to give you sincere advice from my heart.

      If you tell the truth, it will set you free.

    • Janet Witt says:

      I am sorry for your loss.I am also sorry for the comments made by callous people.I am writing you to tell That I find you amazing that you feel the way you do about your brother.I have 2 psychopathic siblings.They tried to destroy me.Still would if I let them.I am 57 and just found out what was wrong.I don’t know if I could ever feel about them the way you do about your brother.Wanting him to be forgiven? I don’t think I ever can.I am proud of you.I want mine to be in HELL that’s where they put me in this lifetime.But you give me hope maybe someday I can put it all behind me.You just keep being you.You have a good heart!!

    • Perga says:

      Dear Paul, I am so sorry that you, your family and friends suffered at the hands of your brother. I have the same situation with my brother. I live in another country to escape him but still he follows me hère and is causing me trouble hère. None of us did him harm but he has harmed us all repeatedly including criminal behaviour, theft of money, good and much more. Were you able to escape him in life ? Do you have any advice for those of us trying to escape the grasps please ? I am tired out, afraid and deeply upset that I cannot continue my life in peace. I am isolated, alone and stay away from the world in order to avoid him yet still he comes. I am his younger sister and I was successful. He is 50 years old and shows no sign of slowing down and worse, his wife (I believe a sociopath) incites him to violence. Do you please have any nugget of wisdom that could help those of us still being victimised ?

  5. Marcus V says:

    Hello, people! How easy is it to fake your own death?
    Don’t be stupid. The government does it every day with witness protection and other more devious reasons. This crook has resources, don’t think for a minute that he was broke.

  6. BMOC says:

    LARRY: You know who this is. Congrats on your execution of the plot I helped you create.

  7. Brian Herbst says:

    Is it me, or is this a whole family of psychopaths?

  8. Kim says:

    It’s time that site be removed.There is no point to continue and slander a man that has since passed away.He is not here to defend himself so please remove this crap.
    I am not here to say that he has never harmed anyone we all know he has done some awful things in the past but it’s time to leave it right there in the past .There is no need to leave such trash up about him and time to let him rest .He has hurt me in more ways than anyone can imagine but I don’t want the hurt to continue for me or anyone else and knowing this is still online does just that.So I am asking kindly remove this and let the past just go.

  9. Jess says:


    Anyone who believes this crock is an idiot!

    Yeah, I bet they (Richard-whatever-his-name-is and Pope Bob/Paul) want this site taken down to cover up their fake death-scam!

    This is nothing more than a fanciful fairy tale cooked up by a couple of kooks and con men!


  10. Randy says:

    Shame on you Paul for participating in this fraud.

  11. Jason says:

    I just saw this guy in a bar in Vancouver, BC. Pretended like I didn’t know who he was. He looked bad, like he’d been ridden hard and put away wet. So much for all the “believe me he’s dead” BS. Though it looks like he’d be better off that way.

  12. F Liar says:

    F-ing liar. This whole thing is a big fat jiucy hoax.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Probably is true. Some people are just jackasses on earth. Brother venting about his dead brother gives him a sense of healing.

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