Psychopath and Pathological Liar Cowers Behind the Internet


BENNETT is a parasite that prays on the unsuspecting with his psychopathic view of the world.  He operates in the dark with his one sided attacks that will only show his view of things and not allow the person to respond to his twisting of the facts.  He posts things on his sites to cover up for his own misdoings and always attacks the messenger and then puts links on his sites to strike back knowing that the person who reads his garbage gets his view and hides the view of the person being attacked.  That is his trademark of deception and lies because Bennett is a self admitted pathological liar.

Why does BENNETT attack the people he doesn’t like or agree with or jealous of?  Because his life is such a mess that he has to create his own story to make the reader think he’s this wonderful guy when in fact he’s the rat trying to steal the cheese without getting caught.

BENNETT will attack anyone and everyone that takes him on and forces a reaction from him that’s always slanderous and he’s doesn’t care who that person is whether that person is an adult or a minor child.  His twisted mind won’t or can’t separate the difference because in his mind they are one of the same.

BENNETT will never answer a direct question when put on the spot but pretend he didn’t hear the question or just totally ignore it because he knows it will make him out to be the phony he is.

BENNETT wants everyone to believe that he’s this successful person that has all the finer things in life whether it’s Money, Cars, Planes, Property when in fact he’s doesn’t have any of these things unless he’s done it on the backs of the innocent by his life of dishonest and criminal activity.  That is how he has led his life.

BENNETT says he owns all these things but when you look it up you find that the Property’s have been foreclosed on or owned by someone else that he has destroyed and used till their was nothing left and he then disappears back under his rock and wait for the next victim.

BENNETT slanders his brother on his slime site with a one sided attack over his deceased mothers estate letting people think he cares but then sends letters to multiple people like attorneys, newspapers or media attacking his deceased mother and father and then sets up a slime site making like he’s talking for them from the grave and attacking his brother.  He then adds a link on his Facebook to send people to these sites to cover himself if his brother puts him on the spot because he knows there is no response posted, just his own slanting of the facts.

BENNETT will use family members of his brother to attack or make the reader believe that his brother has a terrible relationship with his children when it’s quite the opposite. He has no relationship with his children and the jealously is so strong that he’ll say anything or print anything to hurt or try to embarrass his brother.

BENNETT then denies that he has not had or did anything wrong when it comes to underage children when it’s a fact that he is and has been a sexual predator of underage teenage girls and that is so easily proven to be fact.

BENNETT is a danger to the public as well as to himself and anyone who trusts or believes his garbage needs to be very careful…….

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One thought on “Psychopath and Pathological Liar Cowers Behind the Internet

  1. R.P. Bennett says:


    Bennett keeps limiting himself to one side of the argument over my mothers estate to make it look like I STOLE from her and my children and grandchildren which everyone but him knows to be BS in the extreme.

    Bennett likes to use statements made by Attorney Burke that proved to have no basis of fact and nothing stated by Burke was ever proven to be correct but just his own opinion and Burke could not show anything to the Court to back up his claim. In Fact I have 19 documents to prove that Richard Burke LIED to the Probate Court and I don’t give a damn if Burke knows this because unlike Burke and Bennett I can prove everything I have stated here. The Probate Court nor any other Court never ruled or made any determination or found me guilty of anything as to the truth of his statements. Burke actually made up things he filed with the Court that I have documents proving him to be a liar.

    In Fact, in a Mediation Hearing of September 9, 2011, Attorney Richard Burke agreed to resign as Executor and Trustee and Robert Paul Bennett and Counsel shall release Atty. Burke from any and all claims, including ETHICAL VIOLATIONS and Atty. Burke’s Law Firm will withdraw as Counsel. Now why does Bennett think that Burke agreed to do that? Bennett will never answer that question just as he never answers any questions. Bennett even stated that Burke got into trouble about his statements and could have lost his Law License!!!

    Bennett put out a copy of the so called statement made by Burke that is incorrect. Ms. Swanson never met with Adult Protective Services and the initial visit by The Area Agency on Aging was to look into my mothers care at Emeritus. I have the original letter from The Area Agency on Aging closing their file on their investigation and found me to be totally free of any wrong doing.

    If all this garbage Bennett is putting out is correct then why didn’t the Court file charges against me for wrong doing? I’ll tell you why because I produced everything asked of me to show that what Burke accused me of was a figment of his imagination and he was grasping at straws.

    Bennett stated that QUOTE: “It is the Applicant’s understanding that Adult Protective Services had also opened a file with respect to Ms. Swanson as a result of a meeting in October 2009 with Ms. Swanson in which she again indicated her concern to Adult Protective Services with respect to her financial affairs and her son’s involvement.” END OF QUOTE This is a total lie. Why, because my mother didn’t come to Ohio until February 4, 2010 and never met with them and when Burke tried to get the Stark County Prosecutor involved they declined and also declined to be at the Guardianship hearing of February 15, 2011.

    Again, Bennett is blowing smoke up his butt and trying once again to slander me.

    We shall see about Protective orders and shutting down in one day! What a load of crap. You don’t even have the nerve to show your face you coward. I dare you to do so as I have dared you many times before but you never will because if you do it will be a one way ticket to the slammer….People are getting to know you and not wanting anything to do with you which I knew would happen…your phony crap don’t take long to come out and for someone who is suppose to be in a horse show in Tennessee it seems you have the time to attack me on your slime site that no one gives a crap about unless they are just like you…Keep it up Bennett

    Also I received all of your latest letters from the Attorneys and others you sent out and they are falling on deaf ears and going nowhere you moron. Send some pictures to that one site that attacks the Mount Cashel Victims as Liars. Oh, you can’t because you don’t have any. That will get you a lot of respect from all of us that are involved. Christ, you don’t realize how much we all think you are nothing but this twisted puke…

    I won’t give up on you Bennett, especially after what you said about my mother to three different Attorney’s that made them sick. You are without a doubt the scum of the earth!!!

    My family and Mom’s sister and brother as well as Dad’s brothers can’t stand you and if you think you will change any thing having to do with them, then come and try it but you won’t because you’ll have to come out from under your rock.

    Just keep talking to yourself because your the only one listening to your garbage. I only look to copy your insane comments to use against you down the road and you will screw up if you don’t die of AIDS or CANCER or what ever other crap you say that you have—more BS…WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY…

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