Sexual Predator Child Molester Richard W. Bennett


A multiple sexual underage female teen predator and seducer—the last being a 14 year old in Lee County Alabama along with others in the past both in Arizona and St. Johns, Newfoundland…

Also a psychopath pathological liar ex-convict that tries to get people to believe that his brother committed some crime associated with his mothers estate and supposedly is being investigated and prosecuted is the ranting of a “total loon with major personal problems” as described by attorneys, Law enforcement and media keeps up his one sided attacks that only people that don’t know better might believe but fails to produce one bit of evidence but uses selected material filed by an attorney that has been proven to have no reliable truth and that attorney and his law firm agreed to resign as not to face ethical violations on September 9, 2011 and replaced by an attorney asked for by his brother and the courts have ruled and closed the probate cases. it’s over Bennett!!!

The court doesn’t reward crooks and thieves as Bennett should well be aware of but prosecute them and his brother has never been prosecuted or found guilty of any wrong doing but we can’t say the same about Richard W. Bennett who is a multiple felon and has done prison time for his theft and deception of multiple people.

Bennett uses false addresses and phone numbers in others names but makes the claim to own property in Oregon that was placed in rescission (9798 Whiskey Creek Rd., Tillamook, Oregon on 5-23-2012) that he claims to still own and is rental property or property that went into foreclosure (1500 5th Ave., SW, #1506 Portland, Oregon July 3, 2011) that was actually owned by someone else who’s company went out of business as well as a previous business and has an alias of a person that was arrested and charged with cocaine possession, sale, manufacturing and delivery.

Bennett also made a call to his brother on a number (661-748-0720 CA.Skype land line) with the id of “bassanddev” that is a number known to have high spam level and heavy spam and phishing to con people out of their personal information to steal from their bank accounts or pay to so called have their computer de-bugged. One woman claimed to have been taken for $50,000.00 when her bank accounts was hit. the same ID appeared on the phone number he has posted on his slime site (503-481-6331) when making calls to the Louisville Police Department. this ID stands for Beau, Aaron, Shelley, Sascha and Devon which puts this directly to Richard W. Bennett and the Skype phishing number out of California. just Google the number.

Bennett attacks Robert and his 14 year old son Alex on July 19, 2013 on Facebook
quote: “are you the kind of person who would feel comfortable having something that was partly stolen? from your own brothers and nephew and niece? Ask your mother, Alex, and then give it back. It is not yours.” end of quote and then gives the slime site he set up to attack his brother.

Robert can go on with much more about this scumbag and is here to say that he will not give up on finding this maggot and bringing him to justice. We will see who the criminal is and Robert is still waiting for all these charges and prosecution that Richard W. Bennett says is out there. Another ranting from a total psychopath and pathological liar.

Robert has been told to pass this along to Richard W. Bennett—stay away from us, we don’t want anything to do with you and stop using Aaron’s memory to satisfy your sick agenda. Aaron hated you and as soon as he was able to change his name did so as with your daughter. You don’t have Aaron’s truck and never did and you won’t rest next to Aaron and Shelley as you want people to believe. They won’t let that happen ever so quit lying to people in Newfoundland or anywhere else. You were a rotten father and only a sperm donor and you are hated by everyone who knows who and what you are…

You-raped-her-because-her-clothes-provoked-you-richard-wayne-bennettBennett needs to do himself a favor and crawl back under the rock where he belongs. no one gives a damn what you have to say about your brother or Mount Cashel. Robert doesn’t have to prove anything to you as he has told you many time but if you want to have a conversation come out of hiding and face him as he told you many times and the first question he wants you to answer is being a predator and seducer of a 14 year old girl that you said was 17 but looked 25 and had a vagina of a 25 year old. You have no shame of the rotten things you have done and you have never given back anything you have stolen from the people you ripped off but still doing the same things. It’s how you live your life and to attack your brother over the bullshit you are throwing out there is nothing but the ranting of a lunatic…all your doing is blowing smoke up people ass that you think are too stupid to know better but even they will wake up one day and see you for what you are.

Bennett you came out of Mount Cashel and grew up to be a sexual predator and seducer of underage children. you are no different than the so called Christian Brothers and you have the guts to attack your brother who has only worked hard and honestly all his adult life and raised his children to be great and successful adults or going to be…and what have you done but be an embarrassment to everyone that has ever known you including Robert’s mom and dad and if you think for one moment that they are going anywhere we have news for you. You’re a sick bastard child that no one gives a crap about here….Robert’s mom and dad are at rest here in Ohio and will stay in Ohio so you go on with your stupid talking for them because you’re the only one listening to your twisted and sick rants.

Go to hell Bennett—it’s where you belong….

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6 thoughts on “Sexual Predator Child Molester Richard W. Bennett

  1. R.P. Bennett says:


    BENNETT claims that a letter from my mother and Notarized by a very respected Notary Public that has been doing so for over Forty Years in the State of Ohio was penned by me to Attorney Richard Burke who resigned as Executor and Trustee of my mothers estate to avoid Ethical Violations and that of his Law Council.

    That letter to Burke was dictated and signed by my mother and Notarized by a Marilyn Frick not Mary Frick as stated by this Loon. If Bennett is now calling this woman is crocked or did something illegal he has just added more fuel to his fire.

    Bennett is his own worse enemy and if he wants to enjoy his granddaughter he should know when to shut up and crawl back into his hole but he is to stupid to do so. Instead he will keep up his attacks against me and I will keep pursuing him until he is found.

    Everything you have stated will come back to haunt you and one day you will slip up and I will be there to see that you are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and your granddaughter will never know who you are although you will have a problem going to Canada or your son coming to the States. This has been your choice. You started this and I will do whatever I can to end it…..

    We’ll see who has the bark and who has the bite you coward!!!

  2. R.P. Bennett says:


    All documents witness and Notarized by Marilyn Frick were not only witness in the presence of Marilyn, my mother, myself and others but read to my mother in presence of the Notary to make sure that she totally understood and approved the content of those statements made by her. Marilyn was also on the witness list to state that fact should this go to Court as I demanded a Jury Trial and I was prepared to do just that.

    The only Scam Artist here is Richard W. Bennett aka Laurence W. Bennett. Nice try stupid but again no cigar just another scumbag comment!!!

  3. Shelley says:

    Sascha is concerned about Richard Bennett’s being a potential pedophile. She tells stories of Richard’s trying to touch her grade-school friends during sleepovers. I was confronted by parents about Richard’s trying to touch their young daughters. I promised the parents of Sascha’s friends that I would stay with the girls, making sure that Richard did not sexually abuse or molest them in any way. He has also used his attempts to teach girls in the neighborhood how to protect themselves via Martial Arts as an excuse to touch them inappropriately.

  4. R.P. Bennett says:


    From a letter sent to two Attorneys in Newfoundland and an Attorney in Akron, Ohio that was forwarded to me by one of the Attorneys today that all say that he is a psychopathic mess with major problems.

    This is a quote made by him on July 11,2013 to the above Attorneys one of which represents me as his client about my mother that he wants everyone to believe he gives a shit about and talks for her from the grave but then tries to destroy her memory QUOTE JUST AS HE WROTE IT:

    “We lived together in California until we both ended up in delinguent boy’s honor camp. Committed there by our mothers recommendation, I must say. Just a she did when using Mt. Cashel as an open door for her personal freedom to do what she wished. When she found a new boyfriend–ALWAYS FROM PEPPERALL–she eventually introduced us as the “poor little boy’s she needed to rescue from the mean old orphanage. In other words, we had many potential Daddy Jacks, Daddy Bob’s and others. WE, my brother and me, were her ticket to the States so we were often coached to make a bad situation a bad as possible to get the sympathy. It worked with Jack Swanson. Hook, Line, and Sinker. That is another story yet the events in Mt. Cashel surround a part of the story.”


    Bennett is making my mother look like a tramp or slut that would do anything to get a ticket to the States which is nothing but a down right lie from this Bastard Child. This never happened but only in his twisted sick mind and one day he will pay for his slandering of my Mother, Dad and myself.

    Bennett went on to say that he was going to send this low down garbage to anyone that would listen to him including “News agencies” and listed the slime site as he did in a previous letter to the same Attorneys as above and others. I heard from three of those attorneys as well as the Louisville Police Department that this person had some serious problems that he needed to address but to not contact them again.

    We are now very close to turning him over to the Federal Prosecutor in Akron, Ohio. We are waiting for the Louisville Police Chief to finish going through the file given him by the Louisville Detective Bennett has been posting on his slime site and making his recommendation of what our next step will be and to see if the State will also get involved.

    You won’t find this on the Stark County Docket you moron. This is a State and Federal Cyber Crime you loon….Hope to see you soon in Court…quit with the crap and get a lawyer–you’ll need one if we get you!!!

  5. R.P. Bennett says:


    BENNETT is a parasite that prays on the unsuspecting with his psychopathic view of the world. He operates in the dark with his one sided attacks that will only show his view of things and not allow the person to respond to his twisting of the facts. He posts things on his sites to cover up for his own misdoings and always attacks the messenger and then puts links on his sites to strike back knowing that the person who reads his garbage gets his view and hides the view of the person being attacked. That is his trademark of deception and lies because Bennett is a self admitted pathological liar.

    Why does BENNETT attack the people he doesn’t like or agree with or jealous of? Because his life is such a mess that he has to create his own story to make the reader think he’s this wonderful guy when in fact he’s the rat trying to steal the cheese without getting caught.

    BENNETT will attack anyone and everyone that takes him on and forces a reaction from him that’s always slanderous and he’s doesn’t care who that person is whether that person is an adult or a minor child. His twisted mind won’t or can’t separate the difference because in his mind they are one of the same.

    BENNETT will never answer a direct question when put on the spot but pretend he didn’t hear the question or just totally ignore it because he knows it will make him out to be the phony he is.

    BENNETT wants everyone to believe that he’s this successful person that has all the finer things in life whether it’s Money, Cars, Planes, Property when in fact he’s doesn’t have any of these things unless he’s done it on the backs of the innocent by his life of dishonest and criminal activity. That is how he has led his life.

    BENNETT says he owns all these things but when you look it up you find that the Property’s have been foreclosed on or owned by someone else that he has destroyed and used till their was nothing left and he then disappears back under his rock and wait for the next victim.

    BENNETT slanders his brother on his slime site with a one sided attack over his deceased mothers estate letting people think he cares but then sends letters to multiple people like attorneys, newspapers or media attacking his deceased mother and father and then sets up a slime site making like he talking for them from the grave and attacking his brother. He then adds a link on his Facebook to send people to these sites to cover himself if his brother puts him on the spot because he knows there is no response posted, just his own slanting of the facts.

    BENNETT will use family members of his brother to attack or make the reader believe that his brother has a terrible relationship with his children when it’s quite the opposite. He has no relationship with his children and the jealously is so strong that he’ll say anything or print anything to hurt or try to embarrass his brother.

    BENNETT then deny’s that he has not had or did anything wrong when it comes to underage children when it’s a fact that he is and has been a sexual predator of underage teenage girls and that is so easily proven to be fact.

    BENNETT is a danger to the public as well as to himself and anyone who trusts or believes his garbage needs to be very careful…….

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