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BENNETT has made the statement over and over again on his slime site saying that I had a criminal record in Canton, Ohio, first posted on June 4, 2013 and repeated that charge on five (5) different postings the last being posted on June 15, 2013, and when making that statement he makes it appear that the criminal record is related to duping my mother AS COPIED AND PRINTED BUT LATER REMOVED BY BENNETT…BUT TO LATE we have them!!!

BENNETT QUOTE:  Robert Paul Bennett aka Bob Bennett has a criminal record in Canton, Ohio.  Bob Bennett duped his Alzheimer stricken mother to sign a POA giving him $200,000.00 in Life Insurance that were to be the inheritance for her grandchildren.” END OF QUOTE

Richard W Bennett Danger Scam LiarBENNETT, in his latest posting of June 19, 2013 is now shifting his criminal charge to Domestic Violence.

Bennett 1ST Quote:  FYI: Robert Bennett claims not to have a criminal record so I include this Domestic Violence case and a few others.  Please note the URL the words “Crim” as in Criminal.” END OF QUOTE

What Bennett fails to state on purpose is that this was reduced to Disorderly Conduct which is a Class Four (4) Misdemeanor.  A speeding ticket is a Class Four Misdemeanor so Criminal is a big big stretch.  His Pathological Liar syndrome is kicking in again.

BENNETT 2ND QUOTE: Arrest for violation of Protection Order–threatening–was DISMISSED only because he agreed to OBEY the Order.” END OF QUOTE

This second quote is nothing but comical.  This was dropped by the Stark County Prosecutor because it was found not to have any merit or basis of fact.  There was no threatening claimed and was not DISMISSED ONLY BECAUSE I AGREED TO OBEY THE ORDER.  IT WAS FOUND TO BE BASELESS.  ANOTHER PATHOLOGICAL LIE IN THAT BENNETT IS SPINNING THE FACTS TO SAVE FACE.

BENNETT 3RD QUOTE:  Leaving Scene of an accident SENTENCED TO 180 Days Jail SUSPENDED along with 100 hours Community Service.

This was an accident that I was involved in where my car and another brushed each other and we went out of each others sight.  I thought that he had left but later found out that he traveled under a bridge and hit another car.  I was by myself and he had four people in the car.  It turned out I pleaded no contest and my insurance paid for all damages.  Thank God no one was hurt although a year later the same driver made an injury claim that went no where.  In Ohio this type of accident calls for a 180 day jail sentence but the Judge first gave me 30 days at home.  I asked to do community service instead which the Judge agreed to.  Again, this was a Class Four (4) Misdemeanor not Criminal as Bennett stated on his slime site.

Once again we see Bennett for what he is, a Schizophrenic, psychopathic pathological Liar.  He is trying through his twisted perversion by using false statements or spinning the facts in his Megalomaniac Mind to justify his slandering of me and it just won’t work.  Again I am asking for Bennett to tell us where he is so that we can make contact with him but I won’t hold my breath so I’ll let the professionals do their job…..I will post this so that all can see…

Bennett has made all these claims as to my mothers estate and mostly those filed by Richard Burke who was replaced by Attorney Moore at my request.  I want Bennett to show me where the Probate Court or any Court to have found me guilty of any wrong doing of anything that was filed by Burke or any other attorney…Making a claim is one thing but proving it is another!!!

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One thought on “Scams and Cyber Crime Internet Use of Federal Criminal

  1. R.P. Bennett says:



    BENNETT QUOTE: In Caps “I believe, based upon the interaction with him, some of the caregivers and some of the absolutely insane answers and rationalizations he posted and which I have memorialized, he drove his own mother into such distress that she lost her will to live and to deal with him anymore. She simply gave up. Look at this face. Read the record(s). What do you think?” END OF QUOTE

    I was with my Mother the day she died as I had been with her the entire time she was in the hospital. Mom didn’t call anyone a few days before she died because she wasn’t able to you Twisted Son of a Bitch.

    You have the balls to talk about my my Class Four (4) Misdemeanor and I never served one day in jail when your a FIVE TIME CONVICTED FELON THAT’S DONE OVER ELEVEN (11) YEARS IN PRISON for sucking the wealth out of unsuspecting people and ruining their lives you low down puke!! I’m going to find you Bennett…You won’t find a rock big enough to hide under. My children and family and your once daughter don’t give a damn what you have to say but believe me, I won’t rest until I see you behind bars you low down scum.

    You base all you shit on one person who I can prove to be a liar just like you.

    This is a Notarized Letter from my mother to Richard Burke Dated December 27, 2010 and is in my attorney file.

    Dear Mr. Richard W. Burke,
    My son told me that you have filed a guardianship with the Probate Court here in Canton. I am very upset that you did that and you didn’t have the right to. I told you in a letter that you and Diane Petrella were both terminated as my Attorney and Power of Attorney back on November 29th and that my son was back as my Power of Attorney on November 27th but you won’t quit bothering my son and me about this. I want you to stop this because it is my decision and I told you in the beginning that it was temporary or could be temporary depending on my sons health.
    You had me sign papers that you never asked me to read first or you read to me to make sure I understood what they were all about but just had me sign them and then had them Notarized later. The Power of Attorney was Notarized in your office in Akron, Ohio and you know I have never been there. I do not trust you or Diane and I will never accept you as my attorney let alone my guardian. I think you did things that were not honest with me and changed things that I didn’t ask you to change like my New York Life account to a Revocable Living Trust and I have never seen those papers.
    My son Robert P. Bennett will represent me as he has done before and has my permission to do anything he has to and stop you for continuing to bother and upset me. I am an 82 year old woman and what you are doing to me is hateful and harmful to me.
    My son has my permission to hire an Attorney of his choice to do whatever is necessary to stop this and pay for the Attorneys cost from my funds. My son has always been honest with me and I would never accuse him of stealing but has stopped people from doing it. I will not pay any of your costs for doing this so don’t send a bill.
    I want you and Diane to stop this at once and follow my instructions in the letter I sent you back on November 29, 2010. I will be faxing this letter to you today.

    Her personal signature

    Elizabeth M. Swanson

    Personally came before me this 27 day of December, 2010 the above named Elizabeth M. Swanson to me known to be the person who executed the following instrument and acknowledged the same.

    Marilyn Frick
    Ohio Notary Public
    Stark County Ohio
    My Commission Expires 6-29-2014

    Original held by Robert P. Bennett with copy’s sent to Richard W. Burke, Laurie Mickley, Ed Moore and Tim Moore.

    So with this letter I will say to Bennett on more time–I don’t give a shit what you think or what you want to think or want to believe is the truth because frankly none of us gives a damn. You are the most vile and sick MF that has ever walked this earth and come next week I meet with the Federal Prosecutor and the FBI to turn over your file and mine and we will see where we end up. Until then you can take your Slimy Smear Site and stick it up your Slimy Ass—GET IT!!!!

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