Richard Bennett’s July 10, 2009 MySpace Post Dave Masters… WHO IS HE? Really?

Richard Bennett’s July 10, 2009 MySpace Post

Dave Masters… WHO IS HE? Really?

10:42 a.m.

First of all, this is a cornered rat and will do all he can to escape. He will lash back at me by trying to discredit me. Too late, Dave.  Been there, got the T-Shirt but turned it around. This is about you and nothing in my life will change who and what you are. You have had a free pass for many years. But now that Aaron can not be affected by you and your lies anymore, you will not ever again get away with using the life and history and sadness of others to gain the attention you crave and cannot live without. How you duped KOMO is only one indication of who you are and what you are capable of. Now you set up Fox News with you yet another of your “Identities” self attained and without credentials. The phoney Health and Diet Guru you are trying to pawn off through the “Chocolate Diet” is already under the scrutiny and will be gutted soon. BUT it’s over now. You stepped one step too far when you started using the Life AND Death of my Son Aaron for your own gain. As you did with his Grandfather Bert Fairbairn when you tried to sensationalize his passing on your multi-tied lie called When you tried to sensationalize my own stepfathers memorial and when you helped isolated my son Devon from his grandfathers memorial wake. As you are now even authoring the memorial to my son Aaron on July 18th in Aberdeen at Sam Benn Gym to direct the light towards you as you intend to speak for the family and what Aaron meant to you. Kinda like you did at a few other memorials. Remember Kent, Washington? No, Dave, it’s what Aaron means to you now. As you have already set the stage at Myspace and Facebook with your 20+ year old photo’s that you still use because of your fixation with Kenny Loggins. How you state that YOU will not talk to the press(?) until Aaron is back on US soil. What is that all about? What have you done to protect this soil. Why is his mother not even visible? How, as an accomplice to my felonies, you landed a job with Department of Corrections is one for the books. I remember when you could NEVER pass a drug test if sprung on you without notice, but here you are, locking cell doors that should be holding you in!!

To the Cfiles person at Twitter who has been attacked and bullyied by someone who doesn’t YET know who you really are: This one’s for you!!

Uncovering the lmposter. Who is he really?

For quite awhile the subscribers to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace etc, have been at the mercy of one of the phoniest and master manipulaters on the Internet. Having active web presences well into the dozens–check Techline ISP in Aberdeen, Washington and other Isp’s in the Olympia area and flogging about everything from Lawn services to postering as a supposed “Public Speaker” to Fox news; and Health and Fitness Expert and ten years ago duped Komo TV of Seattle into believing he met his “Sweetheart” on his then Lonely Hearts site, he manipulated a spot on one of the most prestigeous TV Stations in the Pacific Northwest with the phoney storey. (He still posts the story at as the Dave and Shelley love story all dressed up with cropped heads on Wedding attire and still posts that photo on MySpace, Facebook along with a number of other photo’s cropped with his head on an obvious professional BodyBuilder 30 lbs heavier than Arnold in his Heyday!! If there is a way humanly possible to get attention, Masters/Madding/Lewis and many others to be discovered, will go to any length to get that attention. That is where I come in. Again. This time the Dave Masters Show is now being built around the Life and Death of a young man recently killed in Afghanistan on July 4th, 2009 and at the time of this young beautiful persons death, within hours, Masters-or whatever-his name-is started a twitter presence and a call to the local Newspaper with information not yet verified by Department of Defense!! The story broke in the Aberdeen Daily World co-authored by Jacob Jones. The breaking story barely mentioned Aaron, but was already steering to Dave Masters.
The following will better tell more about this living lie and manipulator as I am the Biological Father of Aaron and I have had enough of this sicko’s tearing away the heart and soul of any person he can to get himself in the limelight, Read the following copy of my letter to Adam Kroppe who authored a tremendous tribute to Aaron– he just didn’t know that I existed when he stood up for Master and the second is a letter to Jacob Jones of the Aberdeen Daily World.

TO ADAM: First of all, I am the Biological father of Aaron until he was 12 yrs. old and until his Mother could take no more of my behavior and the best that could happen to Shelley is that I went to jail. She finally gained her freedom from me only to end up in a situation and with a person that made my behavior look like a Sunday school afternoon play. (The following will somewhat explain the rest. I am not in the habbit of dumping my emotional baggage on anothers table, but it is so very pivotal and a now necessary as you–through your excellent review of the events in Aaron’s life, and of how you write of the life-events of others.) THANK YOU as you really carried over and made the #THANK YOU AARON something of value out of sincerity and genuine feelings for Aaron and the other soldiers that have been taken as a result of this political excuse(s) we see each day.. Dave Masters DID NOT have Aaron first in heart and soul. It was–in his own words to someone he doesn’t know I know–a perfect opportunity to really get out there!! Just how HE could be seen, as Aaron would NEVER know what the result of his death would be. I speak from the following epistles: One to you and one to the Daily World of Aberdeen Washington. Please read.
GETTING IT STRAIGHT ON DAVE MASTERS, aka David Madding/David Lewis and names yet to be discovered:
Dave Masters is a pathological liar and master fabricator. As others already pointed out but were NOT believed, he is using Aaron for his own attention and personal visibility as he has many time and with many others before and going back 20 plus years. He sensationalized Aaron’s Grandfather Bert Fairbairn’s death, my stepfather’s VA Memorial, and many more. His fantasy world is beyond reason and how he gets away with it is beyond me. He has been on KOMO TV- 2million viewing audience @4:pm daily Northwest Afternoon, by duping the station with a fantasy and totally fabricated story of how he met his “sweetheart” on his Internet “Lonely Hearts” site!! The story line lie is still on his old web-site after ten years. (see and the Dave and Shelley Love Story lie. His picture on the Aaron Fairbairn site is 20+years old and he has actually convinced unsuspecting women in Canada at a popular night spot that he was the real Kenny Loggins!! Even gave autographs!!!
BUT NOT THIS TIME. He is NOT going to use my son’s life and death to again try to further his garbage. He stated to Fox that he is a “Public” speaker. Where? What credentials and what forum does he represent except what he fantasies and visualises as real? Same type of crap–over and over. Call him on it? If “barking” out loud at a carnival is a “public Speaker”–as in human, pun intended–the we are all great orators!! Well how about a jail guard(?) and mail clerk whose whole world is a Keyboard at a computer in a little house in Aberdeen Washington. He would write a eulogy to a snail if he thought it would get him attention. But NOT this time. NOT through Aaron, my son. I have stayed in the background awaiting Aaron’s move to go out on his own and away from the day to day lies, BS, and fantasy world of Masters–My ex-wifes name BTW–Madding, an old girlfriends name-Lewis might be a biological name, but as to Hispanic/Latino as he states on one of his sites,-I know his mother Carol–and she looks VERY caucasian to me. I will NEVER hold my son again yet Dave what-ever-his name-is, cries lies as my son’s body cools. Add that my Daughter has been lost to me for almost identical reasons. My cards and calls and attempts to communicate with my children has been intercepted by Whatever-his-name-is, so I just sit with my heart broken and my world almost lost. Only my Daughter left and she only hears and have heard what The Masters tells her yet I have to let her have whatever life she chooses even tho’ every day is an empty one without her in it. Add to that, one Son to a near fatal accident in a crosswalk that has left him almost completely unable to communicate and one son to Heroin. But Masters(?) WILL NOT take my son’s life as a checker in the Dave Masters story. So any who already knows what I have known for 13 years: you got it right about that piece of work. I have been in places that most would not accept or survive, including 13 months in Viet Nam. Masters, not even the Boy Scouts!! But I have paid my dues over and over many times and am not nor will I ever use my children to advance a life of lies and deceit nor take one Kudo from them to make me look like a “Hero” to others. Dave Masters is a “ZERO”. Masters et al, cannot damage me anymore. But it is now his time to pay the piper. To prove up his claims, to stand tall and tell us who he really is. Just the truth. AND LEAVE AARON ALONE!!!
(I don’t know how to get this out on Twitter yet, but I will real soon.) to those who will stop this guy and his”taking” for his own the life and love and accomplishments of others. His phony churches, his phoney “Reverend” credentials, etc, etc, etc and his fantasy, unreal life needs to be told so that he will NEVER use another’s loss to advance his lie(s). Let’s go Dave, let’s get it on. I know who I once was and what it took to turn it around. Man up–or are you still the “Rat Boy” my son Devon called you?

AND, to the Daily World reporter who first broke this as a result of a call from Masters, I wrote:


I am the Biological Father of Aaron. I have been estranged from Aaron but not away from him and for, what I thought, was his best interests and to help him realize a potential that might have been lost to him as a result of my past history, I had to let go. I love my Son and will never lose sight of who he became because he had it built in. Dave Masters/Lewis/Madding and the number of persons–and personalities–he can pull out of a hat at any given time is known to many. If you visit you will find a lot of the fantasy he lived and lives. Never met Shelley online as he worked for me as a mail clerk and gopher and even assisted me in some of my old felonious behavior in many ways. The reason I am writing is to ask you to look closely at him and at this horrible event and do not let this be another Dave Masters, et al debacle. He will use my son’s life and death to get as much attention as he possibly can. Already you will see on MySpace this has become the Dave Masters story and hardly much to Shelley or even Aaron. In the very first breaking–which you co-authored–the beginning was more about him-Masters(?)–and his take on this than about Aaron. He didn’t have the courtesy or concern to open up with the fact that even tho’ now Fairbairn–to honor his Grandfather and seek his own world–that this young soul has been raised and lived in Central Park and Montesano, etc, as Aaron Ben-Neth so as to let those who love Aaron and who grew up with him as Aaron Ben-neth, know that the person who passed was one of their own. No, Jacob, it was and is still trying to be the Dave Masters show. Please, please don’t let Aaron go that way. Write of him. Of his love for everybody.His accomplishments, which his Mother had a greater part than Masters/Madding/Lewis, et al, could ever have. Don’t let him dupe you as he did KOMO with a series of lies and fantasy that still lies to those who see it on the web site. Let this be about Aaron. Believe me, I know this guy like a book. The only hero he has ever had is himself except when he could use someone else to get attention. His Bio is a lie. His life is still a lie. ( I was with him when he smuggled artwork and other things to me across the Canadian border and when he had a “personal” autograph signing when he passed himself off as the real Kenny Loggins in Chilliwack, British Colombia. PLEASE Jacob, don’t let Aaron get lost in this another song and dance of Masters.(Who BTW, is my ex-wifes name he assumed when they supposedly met and married on line!)

I will remember my son in my own way and only between Ari and me. You can call my Child support worker, Lisa Greely in Olympis DSHS, and she will tell you that I have been always “just around the corner” for my children should they have ever needed me. She will also tell you that I want only that this be Aaron’s story and his life’s memorial and rememberance. Not mine nor anybody else. Check ALL that Masters will say or tell you and you will see what I mean.

My Attorney for the past years is Caleb Donner, of Westlake Village, California and can be reached through his office or website. His landline is 805-494-6557 and his website is and he will answer any questions you may have as to my sincereity and my worries that Masters will throw a cloud of murk and dirt all over the spirit of my son if given half a chance.

Steve Hyde has been my Attorney in my matters in Grey’s Harbor and knows the Dave Masters BS story very well. He is at 360-538-0175

Richard Bennett

PS: Adam, I am not doing this for me. Please know that. But go to the doctored up Photo’s of Shelley and him at their wedding–he cropped their heads on the tux and gown, and the photo of him cropped onto the Bodybuilder is what he now believes once occured. I can stand the scrutiny of any person now. Especially these past years. What Aaron never knew –nor does many others–is that I have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Drug programs to sponsor young souls at risk–, etc, and am a benefactor and regular donor to Aids projects as well as Breast Cancer Research. I do NOT want any recognition nor any rewards. I am, and will, give all that I can and take nothing not mine from anyone. Dave Masters–Madding/Lewis then–lived in an old wreck in alleys in Aberdeen. His first real home was my Ex-wife’s. I fed him and kept him clothed and in a warm place when all along he was targeting Shelley. He showed up from nowhere with no money and no food and only had a bed in a back porch because his girlfriend Sherrie at the time felt sorry for him. She finally threw him out–I found out later–and he showed up at my MailBox store in Aberdeen looking for work and a place to stay. This is where this all led to.
Please know that I am torm apart for the right reasons. I held Aaron in my hands and fed him with a Barbie like bottle when he was in Neo-Natal. I never laid a hand on him except in love as my son. All of my children will tell you the same. So, as a father who lives in a world of reality about his children, please know that my heart is broken and every moment to the next is carrying a weight a person like Masters(s) will never know. As in an old Chris Walkin/Martin Sheen movie called the “Dead Zone”, Masters would hold the baby up in front of himself to take a bullet meant for him. THAT”S how sleezy he is, and I have kept my mouth shut long ebough.

Thanks for your time,


Richard Bennett


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9 thoughts on “Richard Bennett’s July 10, 2009 MySpace Post Dave Masters… WHO IS HE? Really?

  1. Richard Bennett says:

    The perfect sociopath will post his own demise because he can’t see himself as the perp!!

    “…As in an old Chris Walkin/Martin Sheen movie called the “Dead Zone”, Masters would hold the baby up in front of himself to take a bullet meant for him. THAT”S how sleezy he is, and I have kept my mouth shut long ebough.”

  2. richard Bennett says:

    First of all, this is a cornered rat and will do all he can to escape. He will lash back at me by trying to discredit me.

    EXACTLY as he tried in 2009. Half truths, edited files, etc. or google David M masters scam

  3. RWB says:

    PS: I have more recent pictures if you would like them.

  4. RWB says:

    Dave, google yourself? Who do you see? On my restricted traffic count, you have been googled at least four times for each one I was. Don’t you care? You cannot peform as you state and you can’t be clicked anymore. I don’t care. I have asked professionals about this–not just about you–and they equate this with the likes of serial killers. Just don’t see themselves as killers/rapists. Your posting Aaron to get to me is essentially the same “box”.I AM not saying you are a serial killer nor a rapist. But if it looks like a duck…

    Anyway,if you post this I have made my point. I wish you wouldn’t tho’.

    Awaiting you answer to our “dueling blanks”

  5. Bubba Misses You! says:

    It seems this guy is working the I-5 corridor now. Staying in RV parks stealing money from patrons.

    I have been watching and his Modus Operandi, which is as follows:

    Claims to be trading in silver. Claims to be a Doctor as well as a few other things. Has taken money from a few people and has not paid it back. Example: $5000 from a well to do woman he befriended in Eugene Oregon. Claimed to need it while waiting for his own accounts to get straightened out. Not Paid Back – she vanished after. ???

    He claims many stories! Example, assisting with the construction of a golf course at an RV park in the North West “name withheld” where as the owner who built the golf course did all the work and financing on his own! A total lie for image production.

    Do not trust this guy! He claims to treat hearing problems with some form of audio and light show but it is really smoke and mirrors. He requests retainer money in order to treat you.

    He has threatened the life of one individual just to keep them quiet so his Con could continue a little longer.

    He will attack your friends and family in the attempt to make you stay quiet. He will attempt to discredit you with lies and fabricated stories just to intimidate you into staying quiet.

    He is not the real owner of the terribly maintained Ferrari in his possession, but it is another part of his persona.

    His skill set for cheating people exceeds used car salesman and maybe even Senators!

    This forum will be updated with news of the CON-MAN. Expect more soon, I believe he is gaining access to an old folks community now – just like he likes it! What a predator!

    Mailing warnings to RV parks on the I-5 corridor now.

    Eye’n ya Dickie

  6. Robert says:

    Psychopaths can be successful because of complete lack of restraint and not worrying about consequences. They have no inhibitions against lying and no anxiety when discovered. They will simply turn to another story. Association with a psychopath is essentially always detrimental.

    A common feature of the psychopath is accusing all others of the very thing the psychopath does. Because psychopaths are generally good liars, this can considerably muddy practical situations. Also, a psychopath will often create dissent by playing parties against each other by presenting to each a completely different story. Psychopaths are difficult or impossible to detect if there is no all round view of their activities. This is difficult due to them often working to isolate their victims in general and to keeping them separate from each other. Possible variations on social manipulation are endless.

  7. G. Shiflet says:

    In photo, known associate of Richard W. Bennett:

    Kathleen Ann Vinton, 58
    2539 Nw Marsden Pl, Portland, OR 97229
    (503) 296-9501

    Address History: Mcminnville, OR – Lake Oswego, OR

    Aliases: Kathleen Ann Holley, Kathleen A Pitman, Kathleen A Floistad, Kathy Pitman

    Relatives: William Vinton, Doris Pitman, Willis Pitman, Megan Vinton

  8. Lannie R says:

    Human beings have been accustomed to assume that other human beings are – at the very least – trying to “do right” and “be good” and fair and honest. And so, very often, we do not take the time to use due diligence in order to determine if a person who has entered our life is, in fact, a “good person.” And when a conflict ensues, we automatically fall into the cultural assumption that in any conflict, one side is partly right one way, and the other is partly right the other, and that we can form opinions about which side is mostly right or wrong. Because of our exposure to the “legal argument” norms, when any dispute arises, we automatically think that the truth will lie somewhere between two extremes. In this case, application of a little mathematical logic to the problem of the legal argument might be helpful.

    Let us assume that in a dispute, one side is innocent, honest, and tells the truth. It is obvious that lying does an innocent person no good; what lie can he tell? If he is innocent, the only lie he can tell is to falsely confess “I did it.” But lying is nothing but good for the liar. He can declare that “I didn’t do it,” and accuse another of doing it, all the while the innocent person he has accused is saying “I didn’t do it,” and is actually telling the truth.

    The truth – when twisted by good liars, can always make an innocent person look bad – especially if the innocent person is honest and admits his mistakes.

    The basic assumption that the truth lies between the testimony of the two sides always shifts the advantage to the lying side and away from the side telling the truth. Under most circumstances, this shift put together with the fact that the truth is going to also be twisted in such a way as to bring detriment to the innocent person, results in the advantage always resting in the hands of liars – psychopaths. Even the simple act of giving testimony under oath is useless. If a person is a liar, swearing an oath means nothing to that person. However, swearing an oath acts strongly on a serious, truthful witness. Again, the advantage is placed on the side of the liar.

  9. Uriah says:

    Can somebody please confirm whether this man is actually dead? If so, there is a public record? In this day and age is Homeland Security going to let someone get away with this?

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