Richard Wayne Bennett Free Background Check April 13 2014 Phone Msg Wayne Bennett

Oh, yeah, you get back to nobody, f*ckin’ coward.

Hey, listen; I’m on my way back from Georgia, yeah, where I just watched The Masters. I spent four days doing golf.

What are you doing this weekend, Dave?

wayne-bennett-warrior-rant-referenced-on-threatening-phone-messageOh, uh, by the way warrior… You put something on your site for a warrior…

You f*cking no little weasel weren’t even in the Boy Scouts!

Warrior? What kind of warrior are you, you little bitch?

Yeah, just like your little buddy in f*ckin’ Ohio.

Put this on You Tube.

Moving battleships, rippin’ off his own kids, puttin’ his own mother in an early grave…

Is he a warrior, too? Well, warrior his battleship and what-not.

Oh, you guys… You know what?

Warrior… I can’t wait to get back to show you what a warrior does, Dave.

Because I’m gonna start a whole new round of makin’ your life miserable.


Warrior? You couldn’t even make it in the Girl Scouts! You know it, Dave.


I’ll be back in… Guess where? Oregon tomorrow… On the run… I’m on the blah-blah-blah…

You little f*ckin’ weasels. God, you should’a been brothers – sisters.

Goodbye, Dave.

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