Richard Wayne’s Rants Re: Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl


bowe-bergdahl-aaron-fairbairn-connectionIt appears that this so called loving father of Aaron is coming to the rescue and support of this deserter Bowe Bergdahl and has placed some comments on news sites about what he claims is the truth and how my Nephews fellow brothers that were there that day and with Bergdahl prior to the attack of Outpost Zerok describe what happened and how Soldiers died in looking for this deserter.

This Marine Corp Deserter and ex-convict Richard Wayne Bennett himself would like for everyone to believe that Aaron’s fellow Soldiers are liars and are not telling things the way it really happened and basically making things up. He talks about a so called AR15-6 report that he received from the Army that tells the truth of how Aaron and his fellow brothers died but what he doesn’t say is that he raised hell with the Army saying that this same report that he now claims to be correct was nothing but a total lie!

Why in the world would a so called father take the side of a deserter who may be responsible for the death of not only a son but also causing the death of seven other Soldiers and the wounding of eight more? Why would he not wait until the entire facts are known as to what happened and did in fact was Bergdahl responsible for aiding the enemy and giving information about these Outposts that would aid them in making direct hits on key positions?

Why would a father betray his own son that he claims to have loved so much even though he was never a father to Aaron. He never took care of, supported financially or otherwise associated with Aaron’s his entire young life but instead has lived a life of crime and spent most of Aaron’s and his sisters young lives in prison?

Why would anyone want to believe this maggot with anything he has to say about anything and lies to prop up his own phony self to have people believe he is this loving caring father when in fact he was the total opposite. I take him for what he describes himself in Court as being “A SELF ADMITTED PATHOLOGICAL LIAR”! This man would never tell the truth if his life depended upon it but sits there and slanders not only Aaron but the Soldiers who served and some who died with him!

Why would a son change his last name so as not to be associated with the father? It’s easy, because he was ashamed to have the same name as this maggot.

Aaron was raised Christian and died Christian and was of the Christian Faith. He was a fine young man that survived a rotten excuse for a father and now that same maggot is trying to destroy his memory and that of his family and why?

The jealously is killing him and he is using Aaron’s death to glorify his own miserable life. The make this worse as I have stated above, this maggot is a MARINE CORP DESERTER himself as with this Bergdahl and even worse he claimed to have received THE SILVER STAR and TWO PURPLE HEARTS for his service in Vietnam when in fact he never received any such rewards so why in hell would anyone want to believe anything he has to say or even want to listen to anything he has to say. It’s a wonder he’s not trying to contact or have a relationship with Bergdahl’s family as the final insult to the death of Aaron and his fellow brothers……

For those who would like to see what happened that day, July 4, 2009 I am posting a video for those who wish to see what really happened.


Aaron and Justin are both in this video and it is the last known video or anything of him being alive because he died that day defending his Outpost and his fellow Soldiers from being overrun and maybe just maybe being caused by information given to the enemy by the Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl!!!

You Tube Video (other videos have been removed or now marked as private so hopefully this stays active)

This post is based on the public posts made by Richard Wayne Bennett on June 4 and June 14


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