Richard Wayne Bennett Psychopath You Tube Phone Call March 27 2014

Yay, Jekyl and Hyde…

Do me a favor, will ya?

Tell your sister in Ohio that I don’t wanna hear his F*ckin’ stupid voice; just like you don’t wanna hear mine. That’s why you don’t answer. We have nothing to talk about.

We have action – reaction. We’re gonna get a whole lot more o’ that here, real soon.

But we don’t have anything to talk about because, I don’t wanna hear your f*ckin’ voice. So…

But at least you don’t f*ucking, uhhh… block. I won’t block your calls, but tell your twisted sister, okay? That all that sh*t today… Yeah, I did all… Most of that. Who gives a f*ck?

Had a good talk with Pat Glebe about it, Dave. Okay? And they give me more respect, out here, than you got when you were working for ‘em.

So, you know? Tell twisted sis that we’re not gonna answer his calls. We’ve tracked every one of ‘em. Of course, you know what tracked calls are all about. So, there’s no such thing as a blocked call. That’s why I don’t block my numbers, Dave.

It’d be useless. Anybody – and you’re pretty savvy about that – You’d have my calls tracked in a f*cking heartbeat. Just like I trapped his, and his son’s, and that other f*ckin’ Bozo that called the other day.

But, uh, you know? I, I don’t know who he thinks he’s messin’ with… And I don’t have time to have him remote controlling his car to started. Because you’re not worth it to me.

You know. I know, he’s a piece of sh*t. You’re not a piece of sh*t, you’re just weird. Okay?

But the thing is, Dave, he is a piece of sh*t. You know he f*ckin’ drove my mother into a grave. You know he ripped off (inaudible). You he ripped off Mt. Cashel. Yet you, you back that up. That’s…

I don’t know whose worse, either one of you.

But, Dave, anybody asks me a question, I say, yes I did or no I didn’t. That’s why I don’t hide, man.

And ask Norman, oh, and a few others I talked to recently about you, but… You know?

You know I’m gonna chase you to the end of the earth. That’s a battle. That’s okay with me.

But when you start balancing this with a twisted muther f*cker, like him… you know? That doesn’t look good for you. Annoy me, maybe.

So, put that on You Tube.

But, you know? You want me to give ya his phone numbers? His cell numbers, and everything else, including his neighbor’s phone f*cking numbers?

Hey… Not even worth my time.

So, trapped call. Tell ‘im to look it up, f*ckin’ idiot.

Thanks Dave, Bye.

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