Richard Wayne Bennett Psychopath You Tube Phone Call March 23 2014

Hey, you gonna erase this before you laugh at your stupid f*cking ass?

I finally got you and that f*cking little homo out of the woodwork in Ohio.

Finally! Finally got him coming off!

I told you, I own both of you! You little morons.

Dave, or Nats Revillo… Oh, is that Stan Laurel or Laurel and Hardy you got hat name from?

Hey, my next post – if you’re not in jail – uh, How come the police aren’t doing anything about these calls, Dave?

Missin’ calls? You guys are so full of sh*t, together. Both of you wouldn’t make one good rat turd.

And you think nobody knows about you guys?

Listen: I send this stuff to people, boneheads!

The minute I see one of your things… The minute, I send it out to everybody! And they call me and they f*ckin’ laugh!

Dave, they’re waiting for you to get locked-up, Nats Revillo.

My god, the administrator, Dave Masters, talkin’ about a psychopath…

Put this on You Tube…

You guys are just a piece of work.

How come you never answer your phones? I always answer mine.

You know why? Because you’re too f*ckin’ pussies!


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