Richard Wayne Bennett Psychopath You Tube Phone Call March 20 2014

Of course, Dave, I know your just an old f*ckin’ coward, who won’t even answer his own phones.

You know, I always answer my phone.

But, you know, before I close my next report, rip-off, of course, and a few others…

What shall we do, Dave?

Someone who offers a $5,000 reward who isn’t a real person? That really makes sense.

What a f*ckin’ loser.

Post this one on You Tube!

The thing about that you don’t understand, Davey…

Like I said, this is better than putting you under the grass. I love it that you’re on this side of the grass.

Oh, I just heard that you had a panic attack, yesterday. Hmm… who told me that one?

Hmm… You’re afraid to go check your post office box. I heard that one, too.

There’s nothing about you, Dave, that I will not know. And…

Oh… Dave… You are such a piece of f*ckin’ work.

You know? People told me, today, I was talking to an investigator, n’ he says, If this guy could apply his talents in a proactive way, what a f*ckin’ wonderful world it would be.

But you know what? I told him that I’m gonna get you. There’s nothing you can do to stop me.

I am going to take you down.

Put it on a web site nobody looks at anyway.

But, you know? Oh, goodness…

Hey, by the way, uh, your buddy in Ohio that got five thousand bucks? Has nuisance settlements, even though he might tell ya more, that, um, the attorneys told me different?

And you endorse the f*cking lie, like that. That real victims, who I know, were mentally and sexually abused… and to be half… beat to death… Beat half to death… and only half-alive.

Three days later, when this supposedly happened, we get on the f*ckin’ airplane n’ take off to the United States.

Don’t you have any f*ckin’ conscious, at all?

You write about psychopaths, Dave, because you write about yourself.

I’m playing golf tomorrow, with a number of friends.


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