Richard Wayne Bennett Psychopath You Tube Phone Call April 6 2014 richardwbennett dot com

Yo, geeze, Dave… You know you don’t get back to anybody, you scumbag.

Hey listen: I’ve just been busy… Haven’t had time to deal with you… Or that f*ckin’ whacko in Ohio.

Put this on You Tube or forward it to ‘im.

You know, Dave, you’ve done a little bit of abusing, yourself… and abusing my mother.

You know, you ever think about that?

By endorsing that slime-bag’s crap…

Of course, you know he’s busy moving battleships, right now, probably.

No, we can’t deal with that.

Oh, you know, he’s probably just getting a new dress for his son. Who knows?

You know? He’s probably busy.

Dave. New rounds starting with you, and this one is really gonna be fun. Oh, real fun.

Hmm, or should I call you Aaron? Not what I call you.

F*ck, I don’t even know if you know who you are, man.

But, I’m never goin’ away, Dave.

And your stuff is just garbage, you know that.

My stuff is real.

Oh, my goodness, did you end up getting any stars jobs lately? Or producing any movies?

F*ck. (laughs) I tellya, I’m getting all (inaudible) here with phone-f*ckin’ ya.

Any way you look at it, call the cops. Please?


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