Richard Wayne Bennett Psychopath Telephone Harassment March 14 2014

Hey, Dave, guess who?

I am going to tell you who is going to stop you. Actually, it’s quite a few. Aaron’s on top of the list.

You know, I just sent this to the Attorney General, and we kind’a think that’s cute.

I think someone else is going to be trying to stop you (inaudible). You f*ckin’ weirdo.

Jesus Christ. Ha, ha, more closure out of this, Dave, than just knockin’ your ass into grace.

Eh, you’re not worth goin’ to jail over. But you’re goin’ to jail. Sooner or later, you’re going to jail.

Hey, about tho-uh, hmm, Terry… Hmm and Nats, mm… Hey, we spoke, you know, to a lot of people at cyberspacers… Boy, some of those guys are really upset.

Oh, good morning, Nats. Oh, is this Nats? Did I dial the wrong number?

Oh, you wanna help catch a creep… Ha, ha, I love it. The more you f*ckin’ put out there, the more I’ve got.

You know what? You are just wonderful, you know? Who are you? Nats? Terry?

God, Jesus, I love this… I have to send that one to the Attorney General.

How come nobody knows where Nats really lives? No pictures… How about Terry?

Hmm… Dave? How many f*ckin’ people are you?

I’ll find every one of ‘em, if I f*ckin’ do this ‘til I die, Dave.

And what are you gonna do if you found me?

I’ll be at your doorstep you muther f*ckin’ little weasel. I’m right around the corner, half the time. What are you talkin’ about?

Have you talked to Norm?

And how man, how many more do you wanna talk to that (inaudible) to you, bit by bit by bit?

You think anyone’ll visit you in jail?

Huh, oh god, I tell ya, what a f*ckin’ little girl you are, Dave. A little girl.

A little bitch.

Good bye.

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