Richard Wayne Bennett Psychopath Hello You Tube Phone Calls March 19 2014

Ha, ha, yeah… What a f*ckin’ joke. You know, you make my… Why don’t you post this on You Tube:

Hey, Dave, I’m calling you n’ this is Richard W Bennett, okay?

And I, um, am saying, Hey freak. How you doin’ how-many-personalities? Your web sites and felonious police reports that… How come Norm’s wasn’t either?

Their comin’, Dave… They’re going to get you. Post this on You Tube.

Huh, what a joke. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Hey, are you and Paul married, yet? Or just goin’ steady?

Oh, god, uh, I look at Aaron’s picture, and I go, how in hell, how in hell can this megalomaniac even think he could be a ghost of my son?

Hello, Davey… He, he, he… Goodbye Davey… See ya around the corner…

Oh, god bless ya, man… Oh, yeah…

This is your worst nightmare, you f*ckin’ little punk.

The places I’ve been, you couldn’t even f*ckin’ think about going, or any of your little cowards that block their calls… You know I don’t block mine, Dave.

You know, the only reason you’re on this earth is cuz you’re not worth me spending one in jail.

Hello? Is this another coward calling? Hi coward.

Oh, my worst nightmare? You f*ckin’ bitch. Walk where I’ve been you f*ckin’ c*nt.

Huh, you are a joke. Ah, go f*ck each other, you little homos.

Oh my god, I’m so scared… I am just so scared… Oh, my god, Dave… you’ve f*ckin’ got me so scared…

Ya f*ckin’ ole bitch.

You know what, Dave? I tell ya… and you’re just somethin’ else me boy… You’re just somethin’ else.

Put this one on You Tube ya faggot.

Oh, by the way, I know who you’re seein’ now…

Got pictures… Eh… Temporary everything for you…

So, why don’t you have your worst nightmare give me a shout? If he’s not over at Victoria’s Secret buying lingerie, you bitch! You f*ckin’ faggot.

Put this on You Tube, homo!

Ha, ha, ha, god, I love it.

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