Richard Wayne Bennett January 2014 Phone Messages

Oh, Dave… Come on, you can do better than that. I already have you answering machine recorded about your Life Coach. But I do know that you list this as your address and you’re doing business. You better have your taxes and your licensing up to date, bud. Because they’re comin’ to get’cha. F*ck, I love it.

Yeah, these numbers seem to be a little different, Davey-boy. Hmm, guess I’ll just hav’ta keep that one on file, too. You listen; you wanna know something, Dave? You’ve been practicing medicine essentially, you know, guiding people, counseling people and all this Life Coach shit. Where are your degrees? You know, that’s a felony by the way. You know that. I know that, because I got one way-back. So I know what your felonies are, Dave. I’ve been waiting, just watching you to build up your thirty-seven-plus oh, wonderful traits.

Oh, goodness. You’re a business consultant. Now, you’ve been doing business consulting, Dave. Hmm, where’d you get the license to do that one? Whelp, you know, what school was that one out of? Whether you do or don’t, you say you do and that’s a fraud. Fraud, Dave. Of course, you don’t have any balls to pick up the f*cking phone and talk to me. Why don’t you call Tenino Police? I already did. Why don’t you call Olympia? No problem. Have ‘em give me a call, Dave. I used my number. I’m only a couple of hours away. I’ll come and visit ‘em.

You can’t f*cking getaway, this time. You can cancel things, and you can shut things down and you can do all that stuff and run, like you do, you little f*ckin’ rat. But you know that the thing is, Dave? You took Aaron’s name in vain. I don’t care about me, punk-face. I don’t give a f*uck about me. But I care what you did to Aaron. I know you’re going to pay for it.

Hey, you might have had some kind’a relationship with him. You might’a liked him, he might’a liked you, it might’a been a good thing. But when you did that thing to Shelley… about your succubus and all that, that’s gonna become public, now. You gave me the door, finally. So sit and enjoy it, Dave. You’re a f*ckin’ coward. You and that f*ucker in Ohio; the mother-abusing rip-off who ripped-off his own kids. You deserted your own kid. You couldn’t pay child support, so you deserted your son. I stayed with my kids and I paid my f*ckin’ stuff up, Dave. Now it’s your turn. F*ck face.

Jesus holy f*ck! Where do you come up with this sh*t? Star search video? Is there any f*ckin’ thing on this board that you haven’t or ca’t do? Of course, according to you, holy sh*t. Boy, this is a good one, I guess I better get this one up to the department of revenue, too. Oh, how much money, if you’re getting anything… Jesus, how many personalities do you have, Dave? I mean, you are a f*cking study all in itself. Holy f*ck. Boy, wehre did you get all of the… I’m gonna have to find out who all these actors and models and all these people, you know, I’ll get them out. They’ll come to me. We’ll talk about you.

Holy f*ck. I mean, you even f*cking amaze me sometimes – and I thought I’ve seen the f*cking end of it… ‘til some of this sh*t. You never run out! Modelling? Jesus, do these people know who they’re dealing with? Oh, they will. I’m gonna put out a call. The casting call will be, Who knows this f*cking idiot? Jesus, f*ck Dave.

You know what? My mother, you know, really liked you, and so did Jack, you know? One thing my mother and I talked about, when you told me where she was. You know what, Dave? That amazes me, I don’t even know what personality I’m to, Dave. But you know what? To post that stuff from my brother about my mother, how he moved Jack… and Jack, you know, liked you. God, Dave. What kind of a f*ucking nut are you? Or do you even know?

Good bye, man. Call me, Dave.

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