Richard Wayne Bennett Flood Victims Long Distance Scam

Apr-20 Thu 14:27 1995


Sir or Madam;

Further to my telephone conversation with your office, Pac-Coast N.W., inc. (an industry leader in providing gourmet fish products throughout the world) would like you to join with us, and other major corporations, to assist in some small way to the needs of those displaced due to the forces of nature.

Through Pac-Coast’s exclusive efforts, we have arranged for long distance service At COST. Now we can give this desperately needed long distance service to those people affected by the continuing flooding in the mid-west.

To obtain these services at NO COST for the flood victims, we arranged to have unlimited long distance service available through the pre-purchase of “800” service lines. Underwriting of the fees involved (even though they are being provided at “cost” by the carrier) is something that will need our support and YOURS, Pac-Coast, N.W., Inc. itself is contributing $20,000 toward this end.

To our knowledge no carrier is providing any discounted or free long distance assistance to these people, even if they are living in a shelter, or are displaced and living with others. These victims are having to pay full long distance rates, either by using credit cards, or third-party billings.

A contribution from your organization in the sum of $20,000 provides a dual advantage. The recipients of the pre-paid card will be able to make “free” calls to take care of needed personal and family matters, and business matters as well; the goodwill generated through your generous donation can have no value placed upon it.

A guarantee of a $20,000 donation will immediately provide over 1,500 hours of free long distance service for the people so desperately in need. While 1500 hours of long distance time might seem to be a lot, it will barely cover those affected in even the smallest areas hit. The prepaid long distance cards will be swiftly distributed by The American Red Cross and the National Disaster Relief Fund (some may be distributed through the Salvation Army). Please speak with your principals and forward your guarantee, either by purchase order or letter ASAP as the flood waters won’t allow a week for an answer.

Thank you – from Pac-Coast N.W. Inc., and from all those benefiting from your kindness.

Very truly yours,

Richard Bennett

President, Pac-Coast Northwest


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