Richard Wayne Bennett February 2014 Phone Message 2

Oh, my god, Life Coach. Why don’t you and all of your police and all that you have, why don’t you just come on down to f*ckin’ 5th avenue and pop on in. Sigourney knows that, I mean, maybe, you might come. I doubt it. You’re such a f*ckin’ coward and your little f*ckin’ coward buddy in Ohio.

You know what? You both are f*ckin’ fags. But you know what? I’m… Of course, I just got back… I go places you can’t go because you’re afraid of me, Dave. And go ahead and keep posting this, but I don’t see anything from this weekend. How come Mr. Life Coach? How come Mr. Bob Bennett and Dave, the f*ckin’ innocent victims?

C’mon… Pathological? Dave, you wrote the f*ckin’ book on pathological. There’s nothing about your f*ckin’ life that’s true. And you plagiarize sh*t that you put out with your little f*ckin’ sayings… Jesus Christ. Okay? I would just love to have you and him, together, come down to my house. Okay?

And you think you’ve got this f*cking thing down all pat; you haven’t got a f*ckin’ clue. You don’t even got a clue, Dave. I know where you are. And you know, because of Aaron, because you’re not worth my f*cking time, to go (inaudible) I’ll go my whole f*ckin’ weekend by scaring the sh*t out of you. But you know what? You and your buddy keep posting this sh*t. Please, I keep looking. My attorneys keep looking. The f*cking little cops keep looking. Why aren’t I arrest… Why nobody comes knocking on the door, Dave?

Because you’re full of sh*t, along with that Viet Nam little liar who moves battle ships f*cking seventeen thousand miles in two days? Who ripped his own kids off. And you know, Dave, one thing about this whole f*ckin’ thing, you knew my mom. You met her. And you know tha she was okay, but she had her f*ckin’ issues… But for you to support him, knowing that, what he did to her… You f*ckin’ dog-ass f*ckin’ turd.

You know what? You have nothing, including Tabitha and Nat, they don’t give a f*ck about you, Dave, you know that. Okay, Mr. Steinford, and your f*ckin’ big director and all that…

You know, it’s my turn. My turn. Put something on the f*cking pathological liar to con friends and family. C’mon, who come they call me and say, “My god, he’s f*ckin’ doin’ this stupid sh*t again.” Everybody knows who you are. They know what he is. And they know I’m okay. F*ck you.

Time’s running down, Davey. F*ckin’ whoever you are, you back alley Aberdeen piece of sh*t.

You know, I would probably have forgive a lot of sh*t if you left Aaron out of this. But you know what, you’ve already started in motion and done things that can’t be stopped. Remember when you said it’d be too late and then we took you to court and got your bullsh*t then?

Know what, Dave? You know, I do know who you are, really. Are you Dave? Do you realize what you’re doing? Dave? Do you realize what you are doing? ‘Kay? And all of this tracking sh*t and all that… You know, Dave? Quite frankly, I don’t have a case against you because it hasn’t affected me. It hasn’t done one f*cking thing to interfere with my lifestyle. Not one.

I got phone calls, I tell ‘em who you are… They look at you and they go, “Aw, geeze, it’s no wonder…”

You know what? When they look at my brother, and his f*ckin’ idio-f*ckin-syncrat-or-what… I don’t even believe, his crazy-f*ckin’ things about… Identity fraud… To identify and fraud you two? You have got to be f*cking sh*tting me. I wanna f*cking identify with someone, like you, Dave? Who has thirty-seven f*cking personalities? You don’t even know what you f*cking are from day to day, Dave, and you’re such a f*ckin’ talent.

You got more brains than f*ckin’ Einstein’s little finger, in your little finger, and you put it to this cracy-f*ckin’ sh*t.

You know? I know Aaron, and you know what, David? Okay? There’s no question that you love Ari. I’ve no question about that. And Shelley, I and Sascha are just letting you have your thing… But you know what? But when you went overboard, and did what you did, because you’re so afraid of me, that you took Aaron into it; that’s when it’s all off.

You know, I wanted to kill you, I wanted to shoot you, I wanted to cut your head off, and then do all those things. I wanted to hang you. I wanted to make you pay. I wanted to put you in pain. But you know what? I didn’t because my life’s more valuable to me than you.

So, this is how you’re gonna pay. And it’s gonna happen, Dave. You can’t talk anybody out of it. I’ll keep on it ‘til I die. You know me; I don’t f*ckin’ quit. I walked the walls in places you’d never been. Walla Walla? Now, c’mon, Dave, you couldn’t last two minutes in a County Jail. Viet Nam? Of course, you couldn’t even make the Boy Scouts.

But I leave all that behind. Do what you have to do. And start doing some, resolve some of the f*cking sh*t you’ve been doin’ for twenty years; thirty years, Dave.

You know what; I keep referring back to us, you know, when supposedly (inaudible)… You know what, Dave? “We have joint custody of our two kids and he uses them to control me every chance he gets.”

You published that on 2:13 December 18th, “we have joint custody of our two kids…” Duh? Don’t you get it, stupid? Duh? Aaron’s dead. (inaudible) Duh? Joint custody, on December the 14th, 18th, 2013? Do you realize how f*cking stupid you are, along with that f*ckin’ weirdo in f*ckin’ Ohio?

But you and I really both know, Dave… the bottom line, we really know, don’t we? We know, he’s f*ckin’ crazy. But you know what? The thing about you; you’re crazy and smart. He’s crazy and stupid. Anybody thinks that people don’t see his f*ckin’ rip-offs, are definitely, they’re just funny, he’s stupid. Oh, it’s gonna come to full-term.

But you know what? Do yourself a favor. Start cleaning up, because that’s the best thing that will happen when it comes to sentencing. Geeze, don’t you get it? Take it from a f*cking person who knows, man. As you can see there’s no new postings about it on rwbennett because my attorneys look at it all  the time, anyway.

You know what? We don’t wanna search you down. Please, don’t shut it down. Please, don’t, don’t, don’t… because that’s what we want to show what a f*ckin’ whacko you are. I don’t know how you got so f*ckin’ stupid to be so smart, or so smart to be so stupid, but I remember when you started me on the International University of Applied Science, I fell for your f*ckin’ bullsh*t, hook line and soaker. Hook, line and sinker. And you were the one that crossed the border with all your bullsh*t.

You know, Dave? I’m enjoying this. I really am. Because this is the best f*ckin’ therapy or release I’ve had. By the way, are you still? I already got a snippet, but you know when you advertise on your facebook, “counseling,” requires a license in Washington State… and Tenino, hello, and Aberdeen.

Oh, come on, I know you’re listening,  because you can’t help yourself, bein’ you’re so f*ckin’ weird. And you know what? You’re so, so, so, so f*ckin’ intelligent. Why don’t you cut back the thousand web sites, clean your act up, and go out and be what you’re capable of being.

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