Richard Wayne Bennett February 2014 Phone Message 1

You phony f*ck scammer. You lyin’ bastard. Hey, I’m on ya. I’m gonna case you around forever, Dave. This one’s going public. All of these credits that you have as a Life Coach, there’s just some… Oh, my goodness, on and just tell you how you’re so wonderful, I knew you would do what I wanted. All I had to do was be patient.

I’ve already talked to two investigators… you are gonna get everything you deserve, son of a b*tch. Everything.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, maggot. Yeah, you notice I’m not hiding my number, Dave, like you hide from me. I could’a had you whenever I wanted you. This is the way I want you. I want you in jail. You are operating so many phony things out of that address… Oh, I know all your tenants, neighbors are gonna know about you tomorrow, buddy.

You know what? You’re goin’, Dave. Finally. Finally, you’re goin’. You want on? You better put this one on it, too, buddy. F*ck… ha, ha.

Yeah, Davey. You know, Davey… Ha, you f*cking joke. Ha, ha, you’re a f*cking joke. You know, I read, “psychopaths are intellectual, have a gift of having an incredibly sharp wit, intelligence enabling them to masquerade as highly educated, bob and weave in live situations…” My gosh, is that the same guy that has thirty-plus years of experience as a Life Coach/business consultant and you’re charging a hundred and fifty bucks for this f*ckin’ fraud?

Oh, I’m gonna work you over, ‘til the State gets you. And they’re comin’. This is f*cking fraud, scumbag.

Hello… Hello… They’ve sent you a payment and cashed at PayPal. Oh, I’ve already talked to ‘em, they’re going to review your PayPal account. You f*cking stupid prick. I knew you would do this. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

And Aaron and I talked about it. I wasn’t even going to do anything, this week, but something drew me to the computer, went on, and guess who? Oh, you do somethin’ used to us…

I know there’s one issue you’re going to deal with, Dave. So far you’ve got nine felonies and counting.

You’re goin’ down, you might was well run and hide, now, chase you. How about tracking David and or Stephen Steinford, the wonderful f*cking, uh… Oh, the producer… producer… When you produce bull sh*t! You f*cking slime bag, when I pulled you out of an alley.

I’ve waited fifteen years for this day. Fifteen years. And where do you get your credentials, Davey-boy? Oh, you must’ve got those at Stafford Creek. You still gettin’ benefits, by the way? Mm… disability… and all those other things that you’re hiding from  the IRS… Oh, goodness.

Well… How much will it cost me? It’s not gonna cost me a… What is it gonna cost you, David? Whatever the f*ck your name is… But I know what you aren’t, and that’s what’s important. I know you’re none of this, Dave… and on and on and on and on… and I’m just starting, buddy…

Oh, excuse me. Could, could I utilize some of your specialized skills? Oh, you Life Coach, you will work with me hand-in-hand ‘til I get control of my emotional well being… You fuckin’ fraud. Yoou know what, Dave? More and more and more… and this is preserved. What part of your 30 years experience and what college did you get this skill at? Your specialized skills that you’re selling people…

Hum, boy, this is just really exciting… and you know what? I’d love you to call the cops on this one, because invite your own… downfall, Dave. Because if you look at the law, you have broken it more times than I, or would’ve in 30 lifetimes.

Thirty years… Thirty years… Where did you get all those skills? I think the prosecutor is gonna want to know, Dave.

forbes-number-1-scam-david-masters-master-criminal-37-personalities-facebook-fraudHmm… You are such a f*cking coward. You don’t even put your own voice on your own mecha- mechanized f*cking answering machine. You know what? Forbes considers you one of the top scams in the country. You know what, Dave? And I know you’re gonna leave it out because you’re so fucked up you can’t take it down. And if you’ve considered the difference between coaching and counseling, different in the prosecutor’s office? And the attorney’s office? And the Attorney General’s?

Remember Jason Richards? Oh, he really doesn’t like you. And you know what, Dave? Please, please, please please please… call the cops. Call the cops and say I’m stalking you. That I’m tracking Richard Bennett. You f*cking piece of f*cking shit, Dave.

You know what? Thirty years… and what I even felt were thirty-five years in business… You should’a you didn’t realize that would have made you twenty-two when you started to scam. You advertise on the site, that you have a business license for… Do you think the State’s gonna let you go? Tomorrow is youor Down Day.

Should we say that you’re close to the ides of January, or the Ides of March? But you mother f*ckin’ piece of shit, you c*ck sucker little maggot. You’re a worthless nobody, Dave… You are nothing but the bottom of the slime bucket. You… I can’t call you a c*ck sucker because you, you’re not even good enough to suck a c*ck.

Who are you with, now, Dave? Oh, this is such pleasure, you little maggot. You know what? There’s one word for you, Dave; the word that you were when I found you in a f*ckin’ alley, when you scammed me out’a my wife and kids. You know what that is? You’re a f*ckin’ leach. You’re a blood sucker (inaudible). You are nothing but garbage, Dave. And enjoy this. Laugh at it, if you want… Tomorrow… Tomorrow… Oh, I can’t wait.

This is better, you know, than fucking cutting your head off, or doing all those things, which I could’ve done but I won’t… I wouldn’t. You know what? This is much more pleasure with you old cockroach. You little faggot. You little piece of sh*t…

I’m gonna call you again, tomorrow, if the prosecutor thinks – by any chance – that you can advertise thirty years or thirty-five years of experience… Where’d you get that, Dave? In Astoria? Where did you get your wonderful f*cking experience? In the back alleys of Aberdeen? What? Fucking sucking dick for cock sucking lyin’ for Kenney Loggins?

Tell your clients, and they’re gonna start searching, in fact, the next ad that you’ll find, Dave, is those that dealt with Dave Masters the Olympia Life Coach, and that degree? Oh, say, your scam degree. Uh, ha, ha, ha… I know who you are and what you are, you sh*t-ball.

Did you ever really graduate from high school? I don’t think so. But you know what? When you advertise that you’ve been who you are and all these things… I just read another Forbes-thing about scams that people, like you, do, Dave. Geeze, it’s been worth the wait. It’s been really worth the wait.

And you’re such a f*cking megalomaniac-whacko, you won’t take this down. Of course, I would wish you would try to take these web sites down, because you know that, you know, the old way-back machine has you anyway… And you know… All of these little f*ckin’ words are sh*t. Or words of wiz… which are nothing more than your little balls of sh*t, Dave. Because there’s nothing from you, originally.

Your books? Oh, my god, give me a break. I can’t fuckin’ wait, Dave. I can’t wait. I just can’t wait, and you’re not gonna get away, this time. You’re not gonna… You know, they would’ve given you a break, um, because, you know me, I’m the first to um admit and all that, but you f*cked up the First Amendment when you took out a business license to tell people who you are… Who you are not.

You realize that you are nothing? And I let you be nothing because it’s not worth taking your f*cking life off this world? Taking you away from the world is taking nothing. But, you know, giving the world information about you, you f*cking scumbag, that is something, Dave.

Tabitha, Jaycie, Nat… Okay?

Oh, my god. I don’t think it gets any better than this, Dave. You finally f*cked up.

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