Richard Wayne Bennett Crime Time Line

The following are some highlights from Wayne Bennett’s life of crime. I pray that this information is discovered by potential victims prior to being hurt or losing everything… Bennett’s cunning skills of conning are so adept that you are likely to think that he is the most sincere, loving, caring individual with a difficult past. He may say things like, “The past is the past,” or, “but I’ve changed.” And you might buy-in to his benevolent facade. Many have… and many are, right now, in this very moment as he continues to build-up and bolster only to bilk, belittle and betray. – David Masters

December 6, 1968

life-of-crime-criminal-time-line-richard-wayne-bennettArrested by Tacoma Police Department for Desertion of the United States Marine Corps (also charged w/impersonation)

November 25, 1969

Arrested Chula Vista Police Dept. Case #CV15032 for Possession of Heroin.

February 1, 1970

Arrested for Possession with Intent to sell and Forgery Riverside Sheriff’s Office Case #B36607

April 8, 1971

Arrested Riverside Sheriff’s Office for Forgery and Assault with a Deadly Weapon Case #B53848

April 19 – October 27, 1976

Theft 1. Sentenced November 20, 1981.

May 18, 1980

Arrested in Tempe, Arizona for Assault and Aggravated Assault (NONFAMILY STGRM) Case #43234

May 22, 1980

Additional charges added: Influencing a Witness, Kidnapping and Assault

December 9, 1980

Arrested by Seattle Police Department for Warrant and Possession of Dangerous Drugs Case #93049

April 28 – June 21, 1981

Unlawful Issuance of Bank Checks. Sentenced November 20, 1981.

July 7, 1981

Arrested by Seattle Police Department on Warrant and First Degree Larceny.

February 25, 1985

Tacoma Police Department case # 85-057-002 respond to residence of Shelley Ben-Neth estranged wife of Richard Ben-Neth aka Richard Wayne Bennett on domestic violence call. Report states, “she met Richard at McNeil Island where she lived with her first husband, a correctional officer & Richard was a con.”

September 23, 1985

Bennett defrauds Wanda Kleiva, Eugene J. Perrine, Martin L. and Joyce R. Toso amongst others by practicing law without a license via Attorneys’ Legal Support System scam in Tacoma Police Dept. case # 85-318-117.

February 11, 1986

Bennett sentenced for Unlawful Practice of Law.

November 6, 1992

richard-wayne-bennett-washington-state-bennerw560MMRichard shoots Craig B. Schocko with a .357 revolver in the right thigh in Hillsboro Police Department case # 92-5178. Intimidated victim(s) reported incident as “accidental discharge” and did not file charges.

January 15, 1993

Claudia J Sparks of Kelso, Washington makes the first of five investment transactions in Bennett ponzi scheme, for a total of $31,750.00 through October 1, 1993.

January 28, 1994

Carole Morrison of Aloha Oregon and Vince Dolan of Portland Oregon report suspicious circumstances to Washington County case numbers 94-1683 and 94-1652 including violent phone threats, etc…

July 11, 1994

Hilda M White Tacoma Washington reports fraud by deception whereby Bennett romanced her while on work release w/Pierce Co Sheriff’s Office # 94-1920492. Fraud and theft included credit cards and forged checks.

Apr 20, 1995

Richard Bennett runs fundraising scam masquerading as agency soliciting funds in $20,000 increments fraudulently for flood victims, using one of his companies Pac-Coast N.W., Inc. (a Bennett-registered Delaware Corporation).

July 26, 1995

In phony franchise scam, Bennett sells “franchise” mailbox business to David and Christine Pope, Yakima, Washington for $42,500.

August 8, 1996

David (Admin) begins working with Detective James Clarkson and later is a witness for the State and assists in the conviction of Bennett.

September 5, 1996

David (Admin), Mike Skinner and Angela Cameron offer to purchase business known as “The Mailbox & More.” (Offer is rejected by Bennett.)

March 7, 1997

Father Richard founded the Divine Light Assembly Church in Aberdeen, Washington on March 7, 1997 (UBI No. 601 774 579). One of the assets of the church included a church bus EX VEH ID FTC 180IC3245

March 21, 1997

Father Richard claims to be Dr. Richard Bennett Ph.D. from Washington State University while electronically transmitting documents to and from David R. Weaver, Ph.D. from Harvard University.

June 2, 1997

Bennett receives notice to vacate property that is the location of his company The Mailbox and More, due to non-payment of rent from March 1995 to June 1997. G H Superior Court # 97-2-735-2

July 30, 1997

Bennett employs Trina Knight at new location: 5609-A Olympic Hwy, Aberdeen, WA dba West Coast Shipping.

October 13, 1997

Insurance company demands $14,326.88 for Crazee Espresso cart totaled by Bennett’s Divine Light Assembly Church’s fundraiser.

November 18, 1997

Bennett is using alias of Dave Matting and fraudulent UPS shipping account in the name of International University of Applied Science in Aberdeen Washington.

December 3, 1997

Notice of non-payment for services rendered by attorney Paul H. Meyer in Thurston County case number 97-1-01076-8.

December 5, 1997

Richard Wayne Bennett is arrested at the Mailbox for 1st Degree Theft by Deception of John Boyd, a vulnerable adult.

February 19, 1998

David (Admin) testifies in Grays Harbor Superior Court as a witness for the prosecution on the behalf of John Boyd, a vulnerable adult whom Bennett defrauded of his life savings.

March 13, 1998

Kenneth Redick one of the Board of Directors of Bennett’s Divine Light Assembly Church repossesses the church bus.

April 13, 1998

Bennett sentenced for theft in the first degree by deception of vulnerable adult.

July 31, 2000

Bennett masquerades as Doreen Bennett as an alias and identity theft.

September 8, 2000

Bennett first declares war on David Masters sending libelous slander documents in a promotional campaign, “to every newspaper from Canada to Mexico.”

September 25, 2003

Thurston County reports Bennett, “stating he is a doctor, has an office listed at Blacklake Medical Center and charging $500 a crack to women.”

September 29, 2003

Report of inheritance scam, “claiming to have property and money to lend them to get a home built.” Referred to TCSO and Vanc West Duty Officer.

October 17, 2003

Duty Report of Bennett “running a scam by claiming to be a doctor…” per Officer Gallagher, Olympia Washington case # 03-7390.

Interestingly, as creative and intelligent as Bennett is, he inevitably will attribute his own psychopathic attributes and criminal attributes to those who may stand in his way or dare to thwart his continued criminal activity… even though this is a clearly documented textbook tactic of psychopathic behavior. I find it fascinating that many of the claims that he makes about me, in an effort to discredit me, come from his own documented criminal past (as seen here). I am somewhat disappointed that even though he has exerted 20 years of dedicated, strenuous non-stop effort to “take me down” (and invested “a million dollars” to do it) that he couldn’t even be creative enough to accuse me of things that he hasn’t already done. Well, there’s still time… – David Masters

Note: If Bennett turns himself in, the dissemination of this information will cease. In the meantime, we encourage anyone, with any documentation, to send information to for inclusion.

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