Richard Wayne Bennett Bought His Wife

Yeah, yeah. It’s, it’s um… Yeah. It’s, it’s, ah…

For example, when I was in Viet Nam, I went over third battalion (inaudible) division, I ended, ended up being assigned to, uh, (inaudible) company one delta first twenty-second marines, but, you know the (inaudible) in the twenty-second marine division.

richard-bennett-bought-david-masters-wife-shelley-mastersAnd, your money. You’ve got four hundred thousand dollars. Spend it.


I’ve already bought his wife. Okay? And he’s going to find that out, here, real soon.

That’s okay. He’ll, he’ll… He’ll never live to, ah, to collect anything.

Um, um… I’ve got a surprise for him that he will never survive.

And, uh… This is almost…

You realize that the only difference, when I got out at McNeil, I, I couldn’t… We couldn’t do it. But the minute that I was free… Right? We, we went and got married. In three months. Less than three months.



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