Richard Bennett Lies in Court Seeing Ghosts 7-11 Video Proof

This is actually one of my favorite episodes in the Richard Bennett saga, where he appears in Court and lies to the Judge, stating that he did not break the restraining order by harassing my wife at the 7-11… and he had proof: Receipts proving that he was across the state in Yakima, Washington. But, here’s a screen shot from the 7-11 surveillance video that proves otherwise. LOL! – David Masters

The basis for the motions was, um, it pretty well, it pretty well was defined by, right here in this, uh, uh, uh, entry dated February fourteenth that you, uh, just read and I’ve just overviewed.

Uh, I came to this court on February twelfth, ah, precisely to, uh, manage the, uh, the boundaries with the Court. Because I anticipated this kind of, um, not only malicious, but false representation of my behavior and my activities.

I pre-warned the Court through my motion, that there could be possible, uh, activities such as this.

wayne-bennett-lies-in-court-seeing-ghosts-7-11-video-proofThat I would appear in places unknown. And it just seems, as I anticipated that, when I filed the motion to modify February twelfth, lo and behold, February fourteenth, out comes exactly what I had anticipated.

I’ve been very cautious. I’ve kept receipts of, ah, my activities. Where I’ve been and, ah…

In fact, on the occasion, here cited, where I supposedly saw Mrs. Masters, I have a receipt showing that I was in Yakima, Washington. Okay?

Nevertheless… Nevertheless, Your Honor, the, ah, uh, I asked the Court to enter a new mutual protection order.

And now, of course, you understand why I asked for a mutual protection order.

Because this is what I anticipated when they, uh, when I asked for this on October third, two thousand and one.

They’re seeing ghosts and they are perceiving things that aren’t so. I…

(Isn’t this a question as to whether or not the order has, in fact, been violated?)

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