Reward for Wanted Felon Richard Wayne Bennett


BENNETT is like a first grade book–easy to read and consists of very few pages.

Wanted Richard Wayne Bennett Reward OfferedAfter giving it a few days rest Bennett continued his attacks on me and spouted more of his threats and rattled off about what was going to happen to me.  That I was going to be prosecuted and all sorts of crap was going to happen but yet nothing has happened other then his blowing smoke up peoples rear end in Newfoundland with his broken heart crap over his deceased son and my mother and posted the most rotten crap as being some mystic that can communicate with the dead or seeing some fortune teller that was speaking for my mother.

His lunacy is only surpassed by his Psychopathic and Pathological Disorder.  This man has told so many lies that he talks himself into believing them but like any liar has a lot of trouble remembering all of the lies he’s told.

Bennett posts more of the same garbage on his slime site as he has done many times in the past but once in awhile he comes up with something new and completely stupid.  This is one of his latest and I will put it just as he wrote it, QUOTE: “(This site will focus–again–on Mr. Bennett.  Should I see any reference to my children in any manner anywhere from him, I will load the new site double barrel.)” END OF QUOTE.

Well here’s my answer to Bennett on that.  I want you to explain to everyone why Aaron changed his last name from BENNETT to FAIRBAIRN and when did he do so?  Why did Sascha change her last name from BENNETT to DAVIDSON and when did she do so?  How many years passed between the time you saw Aaron and when he died in Afghanistan and how many years did you spent with Aaron in his life time and also with Sascha?

Where did you spend most of your time and what were you up to while they were growing up and who supported them all those years?  Why would you make them return gifts they received from my parents unopened when they were young children?

Why would you post pictures of Aaron on your “Wayne Bennett” facebook that you used belonging to someone else as being a plaque of Aaron when in fact it was a photo from a brochure that was handed out at a Ceremony at Ft. Richardson, Alaska and the actual Plaque is quite different and you were not even there!

Why did you post a photo of Aaron’s Memorial Room as I think you called it when that was set up at Shelley’s home not yours but you want people to believe your this poor lost soul who misses his son so terribly when you didn’t give a crap about him when he was alive?

See Bennett you don’t scare me in the least and you can put anything on your slime site you want to because it will only make it easier to prosecute you and believe me you have a BIG BIRTHDAY GIFT COMING FOR YOU! Once that is done I will post it to everyone you have friended on facebook and any other place I desire.

Bennett, in his latest posting on his slime site posts, QUOTE: ” NOW to the Mt. Cashel abuse swindle where he has been perpetrating a fraud on Mt. Cashel bona fide victims by taking what he can of their money as he did his Mother.  YOU KNOW YOU WERE NOT ABUSED!  YOU CAN END THIS BY TELLING ME WHO AND WHEN.  I WILL KNOW IF YOU ARE LYING OR NOT!!” END OF QUOTE.  Maybe he should see the Fortune Teller again and get his answers or turn on his mystic powers to find out but one thing is for sure you are in violation of a Federal Court Order by your continued posting on your slime site.

This freedom site you posted on your slime site is nothing new to us and was done by a so-called author John C. Bell, a geological researcher that is nothing but garbage and I guess he was smarter than the Commissions, authorities and Courts that sent all these Christian Brothers to prison because those things never happened at Mount Cashel.  You are a total moron Bennett and totally disgusting.

Now we turn to Salem, Lee County, Alabama.  In the months of May and June of 2012 that involves an underage young girl you had an alleged association with.  You know the girl that lived with her parents across from Sascha and Steve.  You claimed that you thought she was around 17 but looked 25 and had certain characteristics of a 25 year old.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  In a later statement you slip and said 14 or 15 looking like a 17 year old.  Do I have that right?  How about all the texting and e-mails?  Do I have that right?  How old were you at the time Bennett–65 years old going on 66 and now turning 67 and how old was she again?  Do you think the people in Newfoundland would be interested in this?  Time will tell it all Bennett….

This is for anyone who really gives a crap about your ranting over my mothers estate which by the way no one does other than yourself but as of July 10, 2013 the Probate Court did an entry approving and settling my mothers estate and you can or anyone else can go to and see for themselves and as far as Burke goes they can go to and see where Burke resigned as Executor and Trustee to avoid “Ethical Violations” and his Law firm withdrew as Council.

Bennett, one day you will face me in a Court of Law unless you’re so lucky to find a very good hiding place but either way I will get a Judgment against you if you don’t show up.  I’m willing to offer a reward to anyone that can give me an address where you can be served and where the authorities can find you.  You are a gutless person and if you think I’m a a guy with a toothless bark we will surely find out.

I had not planned on posting anything more on this site but to spend my time finding you until you opened the site and made me want you in the worse way.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and die of the so-called cancer you have before I do but I won’t give up trying until then…..You not only sickened me but others that read this garbage you posted and where my parents are at rest is where they are going to stay you sick moron!!!

Now you go and print anything you want because I could care less because I know what my goal is and I will see that all your Newfoundland friends will as well.

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