Recent Response to Wayne Bennett Attacks

Well, guess who showed up—Richard W. Bennett aka Wayne Bennett the coward who can only put lame shit on sites because he doesn’t have the balls to face grown men but only attack women like the woman he is.


The rat shit that lives in his little make believe world that doesn’t have a pot to piss in and wants everyone to think he is this macho man.  WOW, what horse shit!!!

The only thing you own is your decaying body that no one will miss when it turns into a pile of shit on the ground and rats eat it up.

Afraid of you??  Hiding from you??  Owned by you??  You sick twisted pile of puke.

No one gives a shit about you or a damn thing you have to say.  You are thought of as a vile wasted piece of flesh that this entire family wishes you DEAD!!! Including your own daughter and your dead son that you didn’t give a shit about their entire lives.  You dishonor Aaron’s life and death you rotten excuse for a human being.  He hated you and everything you stood and stand for!!!

You, the convicted felon, ex-convict, Fraud by deception of the elderly and the list goes on.  Do you think that anyone that knows your history gives a shit of what you have to say or the crap that rolls out of your HIV and Hep-C, drunken mouth or your drug dead brain???

You are nothing to anyone but live in your fantasy world thinking your someone but no one gives a shit if your alive or dead including Mom and Dad when they were alive, my children, children you think you have, family and me.  Your alone and no one gives a shit!!!

When your dead and gone we will throw a party and if we know where they threw your remains will piss on your grave.  You are one hated individual and people have come to know what a maggot you are.  See scumbag, the more you try to slander me or Dave the more people have come to realize what a Psychopath and Pathological liar you are.

Give you a last laugh?? Go on some radio show??  I’ll contact them and have them look you up on the internet and see just what a maggot you are as many many others have done!!!  You fool no one but yourself in your fantasy world!!!

You now face three counts of Identity Fraud and a long list of other charges and all backed up by documentation not bullshit as you are throwing around.  Moms Estate?? Mount Cashel?? Service??  Are you kidding me?  One day if there’s a God you will have to produce this in a Court of Law and I will see them lock your ass up and throw away the key if I’m lucky and you should live so long!!!

Tell us about your life of crime, your Silver Star, your Two Purple Hearts.  You are nothing but walking and talking bullshit.  We catch you in your lies every time, your phony photos, horse girl, Memorial and on and on and on!!!

You just keep liking on Paula Bennett’s Facebook, keep setting up Fraudulent Facebooks and @gmails, keep telling your bullshit, keep sending out your hate emails that no one cares about but thinks your a loon with some serious issues.  We will produce all of this when we have your ass in a Court of Law you twisted shit!!!

The day will come and I’ll be in your face and you’ll wish we were never brothers and by the way we’re not.  You are a bastard child that grew up to be no better then the people that abused the boys in Mount Cashel.  You are a sexual predator of young girls and when I get your ass in Court you’ll pay for that and every other wrong you have done and the pain you have caused so many people including your own children!!!

God, I wish I could find the words to describe who you are but there are none to describe how low a person you have become and have been all your adult life.  You will never see Mom and Dad in the after life because if there is a Hell it’s where your headed and not soon enough.

Finally Bennett I have one last thing to say to you—GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

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