Psychopath Richard Wayne Bennett Phone Telephone Harassment Continues 2014

Dave, I’m gonna give you an opportunity to finally step up and be who you might wanna be. I’m gonna ask you to zero out all of those things you aren’t, all of those things you can’t be, and I want you to be a plus in all of those things you can be.

I took you in when nobody would. You know, I’ll never ever doubt the fact that Aaron concerned himself with you, and you him. But what you did, the craziness in you, well, that will never ever be understood.

But, Dave, zero out. Zero and start all over again. Be honest. Don’t be this foolishness. Don’t be this crazy person.

You know, I have things I haven’t even checked on you, yet. (inaudible) There’s things I can do. There’s things I, I would do.

I just chat with Aaron, today. It’s his birthday, as you know, and the thing that concerns me most is that you have children and don’t you believe that they understand the craziness? Zero, Dave. Zero. Start all over again and be who you can be without all the bullsh*it.

Just let it go, man. Just let it be.

I could be your best support, other than your worst enemy. Who cares about Nobody does but you. I don’t. My friends don’t. My brother? You know the story, Dave, you knew my mother, you met Jack. You know the real story, but you perpetrate this crap… Start over.

Start over. You’re still young. Don’t go to jail over crap. If you start over again, go zero, I’ll be there. I really will. I know your potential.

Dave? I know your potential. And you know what? I’m not gonna make any more phone calls, man. I’m giving you this opportunity – I’m giving us this opportunity – Take it for what it’s worth, man.

Peace. Bye…

You know, Dave, I remember when, um, you, um, convinced me of all this, and if anyone asked me about U of Applied Science – all the crap – and all of the crimes from years ago… Dave, I’m gonna do something, man… People say I’m crazy, but I’m calling my attorney, Mike Anthony, and um, and his partner, Mike Arnold… I’m gonna do it, anyway, man… I’m gonna make one last attempt, okay, to reconcile you. Alright?

And, you know, my daughter’s supportin’ me, man. And I see that crap with Steve and me… Of course, you know my brother… I think, really, I don’t think you’re that bad. I think that you react, actual reaction… You wanna, you ought’a call me, personally. 310-972-1438. Dave? Only a handful of people have that number.

If you want call, man, I will talk.

And get this straight, man. Get this straight, if you’ve ever gotten anything straight in your whole f*cking life, man… Okay? This is me giving. Because I don’t need to take you anymore.

Kay, I’ve had some requests, in the last few days, how do you like (inaudible)? She sees your potential. She says what you do… You really do help. And I don’t know what the f*ck is wrong, here.

Where is this? Aw, man… You know? It’s your choice, Dave. Chow.

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, oh what a f*ckin’ joke.

You know, I been busy, I haven’t had time to read, you know, although other people are, as you obviously know, and you know what?

I told you. Stay away from Aaron and your raise twitter on #thankyouaaron, Dave…

You’re just going to fucking keep going on and on, and on, you whack-o.

Oh, my, master practitioner of NLP… You know? You’re not even a good master-f*ckin’-baiter! You f*ckin’ little piece of sh*t!

You know what? I look at this, and you give me more laughs than a f*ckin’ barrel of comics. And you’re comical, anyway, you little f*ckin’ turd. Hey, talked to Pat Glebe, lately? I have. Ha ha! Oh, yeah!

Ehh… Guess we’ll just see, Aaron Diamond, cyberspacers f*ckin’ stalker.

I’m gonna be there every day of your life. Count on it.

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