Exaggerated and Violent Threats from Psychopath Will Backfire


Wanted-Felon-Richard-Wayne-Bennett-Call-911You have been spouting for the last twenty years how Dave is going to jail but yet we don’t see him going anywhere just as you said I was going to jail and you had all these investigators, news people, attorney general, attorneys, police and God knows who else coming for me but yet I’m still here enjoying my friends and family while you hide under your rock because you don’t have the guts to face me and what I have waiting for you.

You say you have attorneys doing all this legal crap and how we are in for it.  Well bring it on you big piece of phony dung because you are nothing but BS as you have always been.  Give be their names, addresses and phone numbers and they will hear from me.  They won’t have to come looking for me and you know where I am and how to have them get in touch with me and do anything they want to do but we all know better don’t we?

More BS from the king of BS’rs right?  You are so full of crap Wayne.  You are nothing to anyone but yourself.  You have nothing but what you can steal or con people out of.  All these Millions you are suppose to have?  Sure Wayne, then spend it on facing me with anyone you want to.

Bring on your invisible attorneys that only exist in your imagination!

You scare no one but let me find you and I will file more charges against you then you have ever seen.  I will see to it that you will be removed from society.  If you think I’m full of it then all you have to do is tell us where you are and we will see.

I will also give $5,000.00 Dollars to anyone that can lead me to you and have you prosecuted and if you think I’m kidding then it is very easy to prove me wrong.  Have your so called attorneys contact me and tell me where you are and I will be there and press charges against you immediately but we all know that’s not going to happen don’t we?

You are nothing but a blowhard that likes to listen to your own crazy crap rolling out of your mouth.  You impress no one but yourself in your twisted world.  You have lost your family and children and I doubt that you will ever see your Grandchildren. In fact I would be willing to bet that you never will.

You’re hated Wayne.  No one wants you around them and no one trusts you to be around them.  At least anyone that knows you.  No one cares if your alive or dead and in fact I have been told that certain people would rather see you dead and lets just get this straight once and for all.

Aaron hated you and couldn’t wait until he was 18 years old so that he could legally change his name because you were an embarrassment to him and he didn’t want anyone to know that you were related to him so quit using his death to have people think that you were this loving father because you never were.

You were and are nothing but trash and we all know it.  Mom and Dad hated you and disowned you and if you want to call me a liar I will post the exact letters they wrote to you showing just what they thought of you.  Don’t speak for them because you don’t and haven’t earned that right you rotten excuse for a human being.

I promise you that one day if we ever cross paths it will be a sorry day for you because I will do whatever I need to do to see that you are put away.  I will do the world a favor and a favor to Mom and Dad and my family and children that you will pay out your ass for all the hurt you have caused so many and unlike you Wayne I have the means to do so.

I’m not smoke and mirrors like you and again there’s one way to prove me wrong.  Just tell us where you are and have the guts to face me.  We know you can’t because to do so will leave you open to the law that’s already wanting you.

How can you do anything to anyone when it would mean that you would have to come out of hiding???


You tube telephone calls left today by Richard Wayne Bennett

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