Cyberstalking Phone Message FBI International Trial Attorneys Association

Richard Bennett Phone Call

April 25, 2014   2:18 p.m.

Oh, the old machine answering again…

Oh, Davey-boy; I’m not done with ya, Dave.

Something about the American Bar Association, and-um-ah International Trial Attorneys Association?

You gotta be f*cking sh*tting me…

That one realy, realy, really takes the cake. They love that one.

That’s a good one, Dave. And you might tell that total whacko buddy of yours, you know who I… an’ you who an’… you only endorse each other because you’re only foolish enough to believe each other.

Oh, anyways, it’s a f*ckin’ joke.

I only check my mail once in a while, Dave. Yeah…

But, you know, tell whacko, back there, I could call him whenever I want, but I don’t want to even hear his f*ckin’ voice.

And you tell ‘im this; if he thinks calling me a zillion times a day, ha, what a joke, can get me f*ckin’ tweaked? Good lock. Good f*ckin’ luck, Dave.

Both of you, of course you’re not, you’re a coward, anyway, but…

You know what? Anybody who hides behind a restricted number – now, put this on You Tube – has no balls. None. Zip, zero. They can say they call… restricted number equals no gonads. Period. Okay?

And how do I like it?

I f*cking love it.

American’s Bar, so-ah… Oh, Vic Feazell out, oh, jeeze, don’t forget him in Austin… International Trial Attorneys Association…

Boy, yeah, that one takes the cake, Dave. That one takes the cake.

And the FBI number, oh, Dick, dick, ha, ha…

Hang on. Hang on, hon…

You know? This is a… The whole FBI… like, my god, they’re gonna arrest me and haul me back to Ohio so Bobby can testify against me… Oh, my god, I’m so scared… I’m just scared to death.

Anyway, got my rocks off, today.

‘Kay, bye.


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