Brother Exposes Richard Wayne Bennett’s Telephone Threats and Lies


devil-ricahrd-wayne-bennett-attacks-brother-and-others-via-telephone-threatsIn a series of phone calls that have all been put on this site for anyone and everyone to listen to and make their own determination as to who is the sickest individual you will ever hear from or spout the most insane comments and garbage that can come out of a so called human being’s mouth, you haven’t heard it until you listen to these phone calls.  They are from a deranged and the most sickening person that God could ever put on this earth but I think this is a situation where the Devil won over and put this bastard here to try mans patience.

In a particular phone call that was made on March 17, 2014, that is posted here, Richard W. Bennett aka Laurence W. Bennett aka Wayne Bennett and other alias gives a phone number (203) 564-5227 to an individual/representative named Bree from this radio talk show by the name of “The Steve Wilkos Show” which he has done before in one of his gurgling rants and says that he has talked with this lady and says that she wants to know more about this administrator and myself then interested and wanting to know about himself so I’m going to take him up on that and we’ll see where that goes but unlike him I will back up anything and everything with facts not bullshit.

This sick bastard then makes a comment in this message that I (fucked up buddy in Ohio)killed my Mother and that she was a good lady and he had made peace with her thanks to her dislike for the administrator of this site but yet this same bastard sent e-mails and made phone calls to Attorneys, News Agency’s and others very recently claiming that my Mother was a tramp and sold herself to any Jack or Bob to get us a free ride to the United States and that we aided her in that deception.  I will post those e-Mails on this site very quickly along with the actual letters from my Mom and Dad telling him exactly what they thought of him right up to the day they both passed away.

He basically denied being a sexual predator yet I personally know of three under age Teenage girls that he has violated and took advantage of the last being a 14 year old girl in Lee County, Alabama in May/June of 2012 and left the state before the Lee County Sheriff’s Department could get him.  I have five witnesses (some being family members) to that incident and he has admitted to it as well.

This sick twisted bastard seems to like talking about being homosexual and brings this up in many of his gurgling rants. It’s hard to understand him at times because his HIV has not only affected his brain but has effected his voice as well but I have been told that he is bi-sexual and just maybe he has been involved with some of the wrong crowd both in and out of prison but enjoys talking trash and associating the administrator of this site and myself as being what he is. Just to set the record straight and we are both straight, I have never met this administrator in person but through family over the phone or through e-mail and the U.S. Mail this last twenty plus years.

We were notified yesterday that this bastard has cleaned out his personal Facebook account under Wayne Bennett and has removed photos and the like that he had stolen from others but still shows his son Devon and Devon and Kitty’s child that he stole from Kitty’s Facebook and this jerk doesn’t even spell her name right and has never seen her and has not seen Devon for about eight years now and has never met Kitty.  We have copied everything he has ever posted on this Facebook and the other accounts he set up under my name and that of this administrator to use as evidence against him when the day comes and he has to answer for his character attacks and Identity Fraud plus much more of myself and family and this administrator so removing it is and was useless.

My next posting on here will be quite interesting because they will be original documents and letters from my parents and from himself so until next time……


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