Wayne Bennett Defamation via Facebook Cyberstalking

For this posting we’re going to use the name Wayne Bennett since that’s the name he used while attacking me through a friend on Facebook today.

Cyberstalker Richard W Bennett hides behind the Internet while evading capture.His latest attack was today and is directed to my Dad’s service in WWII once again.  I Produced an Air Force Document showing that my Dad received the Victory Medal for WWII and also the Occupation Medal as well.  The Document had a Date of 4 Dec. 1946 and Bennett made note of it and again called me a liar but agreed that my Dad was in Germany but after the War.  What Bennett didn’t know is that the War in Europe was not officially over until December 31, 1946 by Presidential Proclamation. President Harry Truman did not declare an official end to the War in Europe until that date and all Military in Europe were credited as being in WWII.  Also, going by the dates he uses my Dad was in WWII and was 15 years old.  My dad was born November 25, 1931 and on December 4, 1946 he had just turned 15 years old.  So who is the brain-dead cockroach as he called me??  I also knew that at that time it was the Army/Air Corp and separated into the two services being the Air Force and Army in 1947.  He tried to educate me on that.  My dad received the Occupation Medal because he extended his time there and was there during the occupation and involved in the Berlin Airlift and left Germany on July 4, 1948.

Bennett then made another little comment “Let’s make public opinion the Judge–after the REAL JUDGE is done with you”.  All I have to say about that is we’ll see

I will give Bennett a little advice and that is he might want to stay away from any police officer in Florida.  I don’t think he will like the outcome but then again Bennett I know you think your an untouchable but I got news for you buddy.

So until next time keep digging that hole Bennett!!!!!!!!!!

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