Richard W Bennett Followup re: Robert Paul Bennett Slander


For this I will use the name Richard Bennett due to pertaining to the above Domain site opened by him…

On the Backstory Bennett makes reference to two (2) pdf posting on the Stark County Probate Court’s Docket, Case #210758 and Case #211757

Wanted Fugitive Richard BennettCase #210758 has to due with the slanderous claim Bennett has made concerning the Adult Protective Services, Council on Aging.  Just to set the record straight.  Adult Protective Services never made the claim of abuse of Elizabeth Swanson but that of the Attorney that tried to get Guardianship of my mother which failed.  The Agency on Aging, Elder Care Division made a visit to Emeritus at Canton to interview my mother over issues of abuse or non-care of my mother.  The case worker interviewed not only to my mother but the Executive Management of Emeritus and on December 15, 2010 issued a letter to my mother and at the same time met with my mother and myself and my children showing that they had made a full investigation and were satisfied that all issues were covered, including my P.O.A. and no abuse had been done my mother and the case closed.  My attorneys have a copy of that letter and I hold the original.  The Probate Court also sent an investigator to interview my mother and filed her report to the Court.  The investigator contacted me to let me know when she would be there and for me to meet with her as well, which I did.  The Stark County Prosecutor elected not to file any charges against me as stated by this attorney in his filing under Case #210758.  The filing for Guardianship by this attorney was also closed on April 19, 2011.  Adult Protective Services never filed any report with the Court or ever made any charges against me and never introduced any witnesses to backup the attorneys claim.

Case #211757 in which the same attorney filed a Concealment of Assets on April 20, 2011, stating that I stole $50,000.00 of my mothers funds and opened annuities under the color of a P.O.A with New York Life.  Again, it was never proven to be true and proven to be without any foundation by deposition and production of a full accounting or ruled on by Probate that I did anything dishonest but was going by what the Legal Council’s of both New York Life and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank directed I had the authority to do as being my mothers biological son.  Under those annuities that were in my mothers name she had the authority to change the beneficiary designation any time she so wished to do so.  They were always under her control and would only fall under the Trustee’s control upon her death. I could never change the beneficiary designation at or after her death.

Both Cases referred to by Bennett have also been closed by the Probate Court and the agreed upon percentage of my mothers estate from the mediation of February 26, 2013 has been awarded and received by me through a Court order.

Once again we see a low down scumbag make slanderous remarks to destroy ones character when there was absolutely no merit to anything he has stated on this site or the Domain he created for the sole purpose to attack and try to harm my reputation and it’s not working Bennett.  All you managed to do is to turn this into a Federal Issue and possibly a Federal Crime and if I can make that happen I will file Federal Charges against you and ask for an order for your arrest.  I am looking into that right now in fact and believe me Bennett I don’t puff hot air as you do.  I have turned this over to Legal Council…..

Help me out and keep posting your garbage.  Your doing a lot of people you hurt and destroyed a huge favor……….


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