Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett…

Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W. Bennett Aka God Knows Who Else just don’t know when to quit….

Truth versus LiesBennett states that “Robert Bennett duped his Alzheimer stricken mother to sign a P.O.A giving him $200,000.00 in Life Insurance that were to be the inheritance for her grandchildren”, which is untrue.  As stated before the annuities were in the name of Elizabeth M. Swanson and the interest earned by those annuities were directly deposited into his mothers checking account.  Also at the time these annuities were opened there had been no medical certification as to my mothers mental condition to stop her from opening those annuities through me and making me, her biological son beneficiary according to New York Life and J.P.Morgan Chase Bank.  Now, if Bennett is correct in his statement then attorney Richard Burke was guilty of the same thing when he completely changed my mothers estate plan in November, 2010, a year after they were originally set up and stated my mother to be competent.  Another Bennett BS comment.

Now this is really comical–Bennett makes the comment “His extortion knows no limit”.  Bennett went to prison for this exact thing for many years.  He pretended to be an attorney and when let out on probation continued the same farce and ended up back in prison.

Bennett makes the statement “He can’t lie anymore as the record is complete except for the criminal complaint(s) heading to the Prosecutor.”  I ask what Prosecutor?  This Probate action and agreement was settled and cases closed with prejudice meaning that no one can come back later and reopen this action.  Again, my attorney fees were paid out of my own pocket as stated in the Judgement Entry and I had been paying those costs as these cases progressed through the court.

Bennett states about Robert, “He is retired but on disability benefits–probably faked–so his only way to pay his legal fees was/is to use the beneficiaries as cannon fodder to get “something” to pay legal fees.  THIS IS THE IRREFUTABLE TRUTH AND THE FACTS.”  Now let’s look at that comment.  Yes, I am retired (April 3, 2003) due to health issues.  Yes, I receive disability benefits (Social Security).  Bennett–I also have full medical benefits from the Veterans Administration so I can safely say that they are not faked and why does the VA take care of me even though I didn’t retire from the Military?  Simple Bennett, because of my Military record,  unlike yours.  Didn’t you file for Social Security Disability Benefits under the name of Larry Swanson?  Oh yes, that right you impersonated being someone else.  The guy who is suppose to be filthy rich, with millions and with all these cars and planes and gave a $1,000,000.00 to Aids.  The guy who said that he had aids and cancer and tried to buy his ex-wife or no you said you bought her! You filed for Social Security Disability but if you are so rich why would you need Social Security?  Why didn’t you come to moms rescue and fight me in Court if you were so concerned?  Why, because you are a phony, a big mouth full of hot air

Bennett made the claim that I hid my mother from family and hid her address books.  Well you can ask Burke if that is true because he and his paralegal personally made a call to my Daughter-in-law from my mothers phone in my mothers apartment on November 24, 2010.  You can ask my attorney, attorney Moore, Elder Care, Emeritus, my mothers friends, her sister, grandchildren, niece and many many more, even the caregivers back in Washington that mom had a phone at all times with phone books and her address books.  I even had a sign posted by her bedside table to make sure that her phone was always within her reach.

Bennett just can’t shut his mouth and go away and it will be his downfall!

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