Richard Bennett 2013 Arrest Warrants

Sources reported that there are active Arrest Warrants issued for Richard W Bennett. If you are aware of his whereabouts, do not attempt apprehension on your own. Richard W Bennett is considered to be armed and dangerous. Contact your choice of State, Federal or local law enforcement immediately. Your tip may be protected as anonymous for your protection.

In light of that, enjoy today’s post from Richard Bennett (used his real name) Submitted on 2013/03/16 at 6:01 pm:

Prisoner Richard Bennett in orange jumpsuitDo you really believe I need anybody to deal with your weak self? We find you not worthy of a response. FYI…I HAVE asked Army friends who served with Aaron to let you self destruct. And you do regularly. I know you, Dave. I know Aaron’s spirit is more than you can handle. Just go away. Live in the crazy unstable world that is all you have had since Astoria.  You know how to reach me but you are a coward. I answer my phones and my email have been the same for ten years. Same with Paul. Both cowards. Both headed to jail. Me take your worthless life. I have to stand in line. You won’t post this…so. what. You got MY message.

Here’s an earlier message posted using his Wyatt Earp/gunslinger alias at 2013/03/16 at 10:44 am:

Truth? Stephen Steinford bullshit? WTF do you know about the truth. PLEASE tell ONE truth. Might keep you out of jail. Thurston County Sheriff has thoughts about Bucoda Scam. But Judge Brown has you in his sights. Again. BTW, tell your psychopath buddy in Ohio that you could ask for co-joined jail cells. HE is definately headed to one. OH, in Canada the Statute still runs on you.

Stay tuned


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