Richard Bennett Continues Cyber Bullying Brother

Another Follow up on Richard W. Bennett Aka Laurence W Bennett Aka Wyatt Earpstein AKA Wayne Bennett Aka R.W. Bennett and God knows who else……

Richard Bennett Cyberbullying Brother OnlineBennett is now going back and forth on his Domain site making changes on previous posts.  He’s been adding, deleting, changing, modifying, and totally screwing himself up.  He is posting things that are so miss leading and lies that it’s just getting comical.

Bennett has realized that he screwed up on my Dad Military Service and by his own doing admitted that my Dad entered the service and was in WWII stationed in Germany at the age of fifteen.  My Dad turned 15 on November 25, 1946 and was in Germany on December 4, 1946 as I have stated before and his tour of duty was not completed until July 4, 1948.  He copied information I have on Facebook and put it on his site so not to look stupid


“The reason for this date is that President Harry S. Truman did not declare an official end to hostilities until the last day of 1946″.


It was really a Presidential Proclamation Declaring The Official End To World War II.  Bennett was just a little too late making this statement because we now have four versions of his Domain Site.

Bennett has totally screwed himself up about my mothers estate and claimed


“The Will is adopted by the court yet $45,000.00 is supposedly to Robert Bennett but the Court just recently required MORE filings so the Prosecutor might get involved before he actually gets the blood money.  Simply put: estate approx. $200,000.00 MINUS $45,000.00 is $155,000.00.  Legals guessed at $40K* is $115,000.00 estate worth.  Speaks for itself.  Beneficiaries ripped off.  Don’t believe me? READ the FILES.”

*=he started blaming me for using $100,000.00 for legal fees

This statement is nothing but made up crap by Bennett because none of this happened.  I have already received by funds and the Concealment of Assets and Will Contest have been closed with prejudice. The Prosecutor has never been involved and no more filings were required by the Court.  The Administer has until November 1, 2013 to finalized the rest of my mothers estate and Bennett has no idea of the amount of my mothers estate, attorney fees by Burke and the Administrator.  My attorney fees were paid by myself and not from the estate because that was part of our agreement.  Again, more hot air from Bennett.

Bennett stated that my Dad’s brother Allen will be adding commentary soon.  Now that should be interesting because Allen and Everett who are my Dad’s brothers gave their consent for me to relocated my Dad to Ohio and his son Allen, JR. met Adam and I in Tacoma to go and get my Dad and bring him to Ohio.  This is more lies by Bennett and I would suggest he leave Allen alone because Allen knew how Dad felt about him and Allen and his wife Nancy felt the same.

Lastly, Bennett has added things on his Domain about this Site Administrator for the sole purpose to try and make this person look as being deceptive but I can tell you that there are certain family that would trust him over Bennett any day of the week.  This Administrator need not be afraid of this phony Bennett person because he is all smoke and mirrors.

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