Cyberbullying Wanted Felon Internet Harassment Lies

Response to Domain Site set up by Richard W. Bennett AKA Laurence W. Bennett for the sole purpose to smear and harass Robert Paul Bennett and Slander his Character…

Lies-Wanted-Felon-Richard-Bennett-Flees-West-CoastI will make this short and sweet.  My family, my children, my Niece and myself do not care what you Bennett feels or thinks about anything having to do with my mothers estate or where my parents are buried.  We think that a person that has done nothing but slander them both when they were alive and in death and pretends to care is nothing but a low down miserable snake.

I don’t care if you like it or not as to where my parents resting place is because there is nothing you can do about it.  Let me refresh your twisted mind.  My mother died in Ohio not in Washington and was not together with my dad.  I made sure they are together and with family and we don’t give a damn what you have to say about it one way or the other.  You might as well be talking to yourself because no one else cares what you have to say and you have no power to change anything I did.  They will stay where they are understood!!

I have made you look like the fool you are about Mount Cashel and a liar as well as to what you and Millard did because he returned my e-mail telling me you made this all up and never had to protect me from any of the boys there.  You have managed to friend Paula and Dylan but I have blocked them and once they find out all the things I have posted on my timeline, I’m sure that will go nowhere and I really don’t care if you do have any contact with them.  Where is that going to get you?

I have posted a contract that I have signed and hired council to deal with matters pertaining to you and the slander you have posted on the domain site you set up to smear and attack my character and if I can file criminal charges and also sue you, I’m going to do so.  I have made that contract public so if you think I’m not serious just give us an address where we can make physical contact with you as I have asked you to do many times but you have never responded.  The address you used to set up that domain site is bogus as you know and so do we.

No wonder you always get caught.  You are one bad luck crook….Now you can put anything on the smear site you want to because it will not do you any good but just show people just what a Schizophrenic Social Psychopath you are and if there was ever a pathetic person here it’s you.  You are an outcast Bennett and the sooner you admit that to yourself the better off you’ll be but your to stupid to follow good advice.  Instead you will gamble that you won’t get caught and continue your attacks on me.  What a waste of energy.  Go get a job and support yourself….

Bennett I’m still waiting for that criminal record in Ohio that I’m suppose to have and found guilty of and as far as my mothers spirit goes don’t worry about it because that none of your business as well.  My mother has said many times that she can’t believe she gave birth to you!!!!!  I second that…

Lastly before I forget–Dad was also interviewed about Mount Cashel, especially the day that I was half beaten to death by Ford because that day they both came to visit and when mom saw what Ford had done to me went up to where he was showing a movie, spun him around and slapped the glasses off his face not knowing that it would just make things worse for me.  That was in the spring of 1958.  Mom came back from the Virgin Islands after getting her divorce and they were married in October, 1958.  We left the orphanage on November 2, 1958 and came to the United States.

What was going on in Mount Cashel had been going on for years before we first went there and many years after.  Before you spout off about that get a history lesson…

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