Brother’s Response to Bennett’s Attacks

This is a follow up on my previous post to Richard W Bennett AKA Laurence W. Bennett AKA Wyatt Earpstein—He has a hang up with Wyatt Earp, Gunslinger, Silverstreak and Loon….Major identity problems

Bennett made a comment on one of his Facebook rants to my son Adam that I spent over $100,000.00 of my mothers estate on legal fees thus depriving my children and Grandchildren their inheritance which was really my decision in the first place.

The truth is, I have not charged one penny to my mothers estate for legal fees but in fact paid for my attorneys out of my own pocket.  The only one trying to collect legal fees is the attorney Richard Burke that created the conflict in the first place that the Court has yet to rule on and of course legal fees that have to be paid to the Administrator and Trustee that the Court agreed to replace over Richard Burke.

In a mediation hearing on February 26, 2013 I agreed to accept my mothers Will that was done in Ohio over Washington for the purpose of making it easier to finalizing my mothers estate.  I also agreed to make the annuities that were mine to become part of my mothers estate of which I would maintain a certain percentage and the rest would go to my children, grandchildren, Niece and Nephews in certain amounts depending on the child involved.

Bennett also accused me of having a criminal record.  I have been only charged with disorderly conduct back in 2004 which is a Class 4 Misdemeanor.  A traffic ticket is a Class 4 Misdemeanor so I don’t think you can put me in a criminal class but you sure can put Bennett in that class.

Bennett says that he is so filthy rich that he has given over a $1,000,000.00 to Aids research and Addiction research which I believe to be nothing but a lie.  If he was so wealthy then why has he not done a damn thing for his children?

He has a son in Canada that had a very serious head injury due to being hit by a car and has been under the care of the Canadian Government most of his life and Bennett hasn’t done nothing to help and hasn’t seen him in God knows when just as with his other children including Aaron who died in Afghanistan and has the guts to lie about his relationship with Aaron.  If he had a relationship with Aaron then why wasn’t his last name Bennett and not Fairbairn?  Why, because Aaron didn’t want his lousy name.

Bennett says that I was the first to attack him when the truth is he attacked my father, mother and myself on this site and I responded to his attack.  Both of my parents were dead and he still felt he had to attack them.  He accused my father of lying about being in WWII when in fact he was and I haven’t forgotten or given up on that.  I have my fathers military records showing he received the WWII Victory Medal as I have stated on here before.

Bennett said that to use your children or the deceased to overshadow one’s own crap is despicable so by his own words he is despicable.  Bennett, my parents hated you and you can lie and say they didn’t and you made this wonderful peace with them but you are nothing but a low down scumbag liar.

You want to mess with me then come on buddy because I’m ready and willing to do battle with you.  I told you to never attack my children but you did and you got Adam so upset that he talked to you like I have never heard him talk all his life.  You insulted him about his career and that he would never be anything.

You a person that has been a low down rotten despicable bum who prayed on people and screwed up so many lives and you have the nerve to say the thing you did to Adam?  You wouldn’t make a pimple on his ass  you puke and I dare you to get your ass in front of me.

You said that you would spank Adam, well I got news for you.  He would tear your old fat ass to pieces and that is the best thing that could happen to you.  You try to hurt him or embarrass him in any way as you said you would post at his school and you will wish you were never born.

If your so brave tell me where your hiding and I will have your ass arrested for the garbage and slander you put on these sites you have been hiding behind.  See you do things in the dark because you don’t have the balls to do it in my face.  You only hurt people you know you can hurt, mostly women but anyone else you do your dirty work from a distance and in hiding….Come on Bennett, come to Ohio and meet your maker—ME!!!!!!!!!!

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