The December 2, 2011 FaceBook Attack by Rich Bennett

The December 2, 2011 FaceBook Attack by Rich Bennett

David Masters: Can’t believe someone would be so disrespectful as to pose as KIA Aaron Fairbairn on Facebook! (Should be a law…)

Rich Bennett: Looks like Something you would do Scam Master.

Rich Bennett: Aaron hated you and your scams still cloud his good name.

Rich Bennett: Success Attributes? When have you EVER been successful at anything other than lies and scams. I know who I am. I know who you are also. Using your son’s name now in Aberdeen to make house call? With phony credentials created by you!!

Rich Bennett: THAT is not Aaron Eli Fairbairn. Just another attempt by this scammer to use Aaron‘s good name for his own purposes.

David Masters: Like to see the IP Address? You should be ashamed of yourself posing as Aaron.

Rich Bennett: You sicko. You can’t hide who you are by trying to shift anything. YOU are the scammer/whacko. But now we have your IP address. Secret agent? HA. PLEASE, lets get it on. Right (names edited to protect the innocent)

Rich Bennett: This sickness is going to stop.He is a phony. We finally flushed him out through his own undoing. He cannot help himself as he cannot stop his sickness by himself. To even allude to my doing anything to further damage my son as he did and does is another showing of his perversion(s). I can be reached at 360-261-1273, 310-279-9075, 503-464-7724 and my email is and I will discuss anything anyone wishes to about the history of that maniac. Including when he assisted me and enticed me to commit crimes that he walked on. I have paid dearly. I will not pay any more. He must.

Rich Bennett: One word frees us from you. JAIL!!

Rich Bennett: I will forward you support of your sicko relative to Sascha, Ashley.

Rich Bennett: Is this from Preacher Dave? Or Life Coach Dave? Or Secret Weapon Dave? Or Educator Dave? Or Webmaster Dave? Or Hypnotherapist Dave? And are you working your wonders in Olympia? Seattle? Astoria? Or from your beater white car? And paying your Techline bill–you know Techline, they enable your garbage–with proceeds from your smut sales at Marturion Publishing on Ebay? Preacher selling smut!! Good one scammer. Which one of the 27 identities is actually speaking here? Of course you live in a world of cliche’s because the only thing real about you is your ability to fraud and scam on the ignorance of your topics in others. And only a complete socipath would remain here doing what dirt you do and try to cover it with the “Nice guy” crap. I could be the Green River Killer and it would NOT change who YOU really are.

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