Richard W Bennett Richard Ben-Neth Fraud Information

richard-wayne-bennett-hilda-white-fraud-information-pierce-co-sheriffs-office-941920492PIERCE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

930 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, Washington (253) 798-7300

Public Disclosure Act                           Case No: 94 1920492

Report Name/Offense: Fraud Information     Method: Deception

Date Reported: 7-11-94     Time Reported: 1500     Day of Week: Monday

Location of Incident Address: 5202 101 St. SW, Tacoma, WA 98499 Census: 248 Dist: 4

Victim: White, Hilda Marjorie     Race/Sex: B/F     Date of Birth: 1-1-15

Home Phone: 582-2733   Address: 5202 101 St. SW, Tacoma, WA 98499

Place of Employment: Western State Hosp   Business Phone: 582-8900

Suspect: Ben-Neth, Richard

Address: 82 Ocean Ct. NW, Ocean Shores, Washington  98569

Date of Birth: 52 YOA  Race: W  Sex: M  Height: 508  Weight: 150  Hair: Brn

A.K.A. Wayne Bennett

Reporting Officer: Alan Merke #199  Approval: 50  Distribution: K-75

At approximately 1450 hours I was contacted at the front desk of the Lakewood precinct by the listed victim reference a fraud citation.

White explained that she works at Western State Hospital and met the listed suspect while he was in work release. He convinced White that he was romatically interested in her and was able to talk her into putting his name on her American Express Card. She said this has occurred over the past couple of years. She said he has forged her name on several checks to the Bank of Montreal in an amount in excess of three thousand dollars. White said she has no idea where the suspect is now but has left her an address for a condo (he said he owns) in Ocean Shores.

White showed me papers filed in pierce County Superior Court by an attorney representing American Express Travel Related Services and American Express Centurion Bank for past due charges in excess  of $40,000 apparently ran up without her knowledge by the suspect.

I was unable to verify if the check forgery occurred in Pierce County or elsewhere. I was concerned that White may be just one of many victims this person has scammed. White had in her possession several poor quality photo copies of the forged checks drawn on The Bank of Montreal. I did not take these into evidence. She also had a photograph of the suspect which she retained.





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