Richard Wayne Bennett Facebook Attacks Cyberspacers’ Friends

Teen-Sexual-Predator-Suspect-Richard-Wayne-Bennett-Child-Sex-AbuseThe Admin team would like to inform all our members that we have changed our Group settings from an open to a secret group. The reason for the change is due to the group being recently hacked.  The  admin team thought this was the best route to go to ensure our members’ privacy is not compromised. Going forward we will no longer be able to add members who would normally ask to join. Members can only be invited or added to the group by other members. So please continue to invite and add your friends. Thank You for your continued support of Cyberspacers and our mission to make cyberspace a safe place for kids of all ages!

Dear members, if you get a demeaning message from a stranger it is from this very sick, lifelong criminal, and dangerous ex-felon. Beware because he has already sent warped messages to others. REPORT ANY SUCH POST TO US as he hides anonymously. Read here+other posts/comments from his brother-victim Bob-Paul Bennett *REWARD* Help us Catch this Creep, and Hacker*REWARD*


You tube telephone calls left today by Richard Wayne Bennett

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5 thoughts on “Richard Wayne Bennett Facebook Attacks Cyberspacers’ Friends

  1. Terry says:

    Please be aware that this “hacker/ child molester” has accessed our membership list and has been contacting members privately with malicious lies in regards to this group.
    Our group is about keeping the internet a safe place for children of all ages! This person is the prime example of the kind of person we are trying to protect children from! Please check out the link!
    Sexual Predator Child Molester Richard W. Bennett

  2. Paul Bennett says:

    This person has also hacked my friend list as well as that of my children, family and friends. He has opened three accounts under my name and one under my friend Dave on Facebook for the sole purpose to slander and harass us. He is a true Psychopath and a self admitted Pathological Liar as admitted to in a Court action where he swindled a 78 year old man by the name of Mr. Boyd who had just lost his wife out of over $100,000.00 and went to prison over it. The poor man died penniless over this maggots actions. Go to the above site that has been set up for the sole purpose to warn people of just what a rotten individual this creep is……

  3. Paul Bennett says:

    I want to make a comment here now that I find that this Psychopath and Pathological liar has been attacking not only the owner of this site but also very good friends and family of mine including myself. This is not only a sexual teen predator but also an ex-convict that has spent over eleven (11) years in prison and has a criminal record a long as your arm and currently has open warrants for his arrest. I have been trying to find him and have filed a Federal case against him for Identity Fraud (3 Counts) as well as a long list of other charges for character attacks against me and attacks against my children and family. I can go on forever describing just what an evil and twisted person he is but he has been an outcast of my parents for over 40 years right up to when they both passed away and I have had nothing to do with him since the early seventies. He lies about where he lives, uses phones in other peoples names and is always on the move. He will not tell anyone where he is and does his dirty work in the dark and from under his rock. I am willing to pay a reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Richard W. Bennett aka Laurence W. Bennett aka Richard Wayne Bennett aka Wayne Bennett aka Larry Swanson aka Wyatt Earpstein aka R W Bennett and God knows what other names he has been using. This person is a maggot and someone that you must be very careful of. I know him well because I am his brother but do not claim to be his brother……

  4. richardwbennett says:

    This predator/psychopath also cyber-attacked me, stole my facebook identity, attacked my facebook friends, and continues to… Multiple active warrants… the authorities report he has no actual physical address… $5,000 reward for information leading to his capture. Armed & dangerous. Do not approach. Call 911.

  5. Paul Bennett says:

    This creep also has Facebook accounts under Richard Wayne Bennett, Wayne Bennett, Wyatt Earpstein, Bianca Barnes and there could be more so if you don’t know the person and the message comes in under “other” you need to be careful……

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