Wanted Felon Launches Slanderous Media Campaign


BENNETT, in one of his latest attacks on me uses a site http://www.freedomsite.org/colum/ball1.html and directs readers to an article written by this nutbag John C. Ball in 1998 attacking the credibility of abuse at Mount Cashel Orphanage.

Bennett then states just as he wrote it, QUOTE: “The author of this above, and another investigative reporter, is now investigating my claim that Robert Paul Bennett cannot offer creditable evidence of abuse and has been perpetrating a fraud for many years.  Again, the truth will prevail regardless the questions and claims he makes as to the creditability of the investigator(s), including the Louisville, Ohio Detective who has the Court files relating to the $200,000.00 attempted criminal conversion.” END OF QUOTE.

BENNETT–Again I don’t have to prove anything to anyone especially you or your phantom investigator and the dead John C. Ball…..

BENNETT, then sends multiple e-mails to news agencies and many attorneys and law firms that have and or are involved in the Mount Cashel claims, including the attorneys that represent the Christian Brothers Institute, Inc. all of which think that he is as some have told me a “TOTAL LOON” that he has no credibility and totally without any facts but his own opinion that no one wants to hear or cares about what he has to say and to align himself with  John C. Ball, a “HOLOCAUST DENIER” and proven liar, when some of these Attorneys on both sides are Jewish is sickening to them.

Bennett, one of those Attorneys and I think the only one that responded to you, told you that unless you spent every hour of every day with your brother which is totally impossible that he basically didn’t want to hear what you had to say and didn’t care what you had to say just as everyone else you contacted in your twisted attack on me says of you and you will not get any help from them.

BENNETT, I have received everything you have sent out to them and will turn everything over to Detective Cory Kidwell just as I have already done as instructed by the FBI.  You see he won’t do any followup on what you claimed because there is no basis on what you claimed so don’t look for any help from him–it’s not coming but it will be coming from me. “CRIMINAL CONVERSION”???

Here is a site to look up this John Wall jerk: http://www.nizkor.org/features/ball-challenge/ “The Nizkor Project”  This was a challenge to him to prove his claim about the Holocaust which anyone with a brain knows happened and caused the death of over 6,000,000 Jews…..

Keep it coming Bennett and one final thing about my parents—They are at rest and will stay at rest where they are and there is nothing you can do about it and the VA will tell you so. So quit the talking for them because that is turning the stomach of a lot of people and some of them are involved with the Law which you will find out!!!

I called you the other day and told you to pray to your God that I don’t find you and to dig a big hole to hide in because the law and I will be coming for you.  I have filed charges against you and will wait for the Prosecutor to make a judgement on that and God help you if he rules in my favor and we all think he will—-Good luck buddy and please keep pinging….

Feed your crap to the people in Newfoundland that don’t know better but will find out soon enough…..

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