Richard Wayne Bennett Washington State Rap Sheet


Arrest 1

Name Used: Bennett, Lawrence W

Offense 1

OCA 93049

Seattle PD


Theft (Felony/ Dismissed)


Offense 2



Arrest 2


Name Used: Benneth, Richard W


Offense 1

OCA 94315

Seattle PD

THEFT 1/ Guilty

Term: 10 yrs. Dispo: 11-25-1981


FBI Record –  FBI NO. 685905G


Desertion- USMC

Reported 03/08/1968


Arrested 12/06/68

Tacoma PD


Charged with Impersonation  $100 fine, 30 days suspended


Arrested 11/25/1969

Chula Vista PD Case CV15032

Possession of Heroin

60 days Jail- Riverside Custody


Arrested 02/01/1970

Riverside Sheriff’s Office

Case No. B36607

  1. Charge- Poss. with Intent
  2. Charge- Forgery


Dispo: 2 years probation, 60 days custody; make restitution of $129.00


Arrested 04/08/1971

SO Riverside

Case No. B53848

  1. Forgery
  2. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  3. Parking on Public Grounds
  4. Same
  5. Parking after meter time expired


Arrested 05/18/1980

Tempe AZ

Case No. 43234 (Name: Bennett, Richard Wayne)

  1. Simple Assault
  2. Aggravated Assault with note: NONFAMILY STGRM


Arrested 05/22/1980

Case No. 43234 Amended Charges

  1. Influencing a Witness
  2. Kidnapping
  3. Assault


(Dispo on above not included; apparently it didn’t go anywhere.)


Arrested 12/09/1980

Seattle PD

Case No. 93049

  1. Warrant
  2. Possession of Dangerous Drugs


Arrested 07/10/1981

Seattle PD

Case No. 94315

Warrant- Larceny First


Received 12/01/1981

Shelton Correctional Center

Case No. 274410

  1. Theft 1
  2. Unlawful Issuance of Bank Checks

DISPO — 10 years


04/04/1984 Paroled to 2450 62nd St. East Tacoma


Arrested 11/07/1985

Shelton Correctional Center

Same Case Used name Ben-Neth, Richard Wayne



Discharged on Bond


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