Richard Wayne Bennett email to Jack Micheau & Twitter
Sun, Oct. 11, 2009 at 11:27

Dear Jack,

How, if you have a conscience can you hold your head up representing that scum against Shelley.
The Masters/Madding/Lewis/Valentine bloodsucker is trying to scab my son’s insurance benefit and Shelley’s house. Where Aaron was raised.

Aaron detested Masters – who takes the last name of every woman he victimizes.

I did my time and paid my price. That shitball has over 35 phoney scams and websites making false claims about copyright and trademark lies to Diet Guru, Weight Loss coach, author of a plagiarized “Chocolate” diet innovation, Rock Star, Public Speaker and uses Shelley’s name as if she was an active participant.

This scum makes me look like a Mother Teresa apostle.

Twitter and every social networking site will see YOU as they see him. I guarantee it.

You are assisting in trashing Aaron’s name even more as he started my son’s death-scam as if it were a hoax!!

What is the matter with you. If not the Daily World, it will be Fox and YouTube and every other place I can show his deceipt.

He has done enough to Aaron’s name online. Now you make a travesty of it in Court.

Richard Bennett then followed with a Twitter attack launched at Jack Micheau:

  1. That is JACK BRADFORD MICHEAU. As in NO conscience nor
    ethic as he knows the scam artist and goes to court against Aaron’s
  2. Jack Micheau helps this wart to continue to trash my
    son’s name.
  3. JACK R. MICHEAU is the reason some Attorney’s are
    ambulance chasers and scabs. Anything for a buck, eh Jackoff!
  4. His Attorney is a scab.Was featured at GHONLINE!. Knows
    the Bastard assisted me in crimes and walked. Now represents against a
    good woman!!
  5. This scab surrounds his phoney sites and scams with
    creditable companies and organizations.Look at GHONLINE and think. HE
    LINKS. Not them
  6. Phoney copright claims at ALL of his sites. Federal Violation to claim such to show credability. NOT one Copyright or Trademark even applied
  7. Google “real authors and inventors of Chocolate
    Diet. Make claims of copyright at Amazon and Ebay.Xlibis publisher with
    phoney Lib Congress#
  8. Wrote an exposing testimonial on his Chocolate Diet
    site and now NO MORE TESTIMONIAL links!! Funjny, eh?
  9. More Crap!  @RWUB
  10. Masters/Lewis/Madding/ Valentine 35 phoney websites to
    date. US Attorney soon.Family has dumped him and are going to
    attorney’s.Jigs up!!
  11. Masters has been booted from the house and has court
    tomorrow. Any way you can get this pig unmasked more will help Aaron‘s
  12. Hey Dave!! Monday Monday, sooooo good to me..Monday
    Monday will be all I’d hope it to be. Good-bye pig-shit, you’ll belong to
    me !And JAIL!!
  13. Hey Dave, what NAME ARE YOU GOING TO use next. How
    about David M LOSER. Phoney Diet Liar… Get rich quick quick crap pitch
    man?My turn!!


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4 thoughts on “Richard Wayne Bennett email to Jack Micheau & Twitter

  1. I think that you should provide more documentation on this psycho. It’s obvious the author is a real nut-job. Please post updates on this subject Richard Wayne Bennett Oct 11 2009 email to Jack Micheau & Twitter | Richard Wayne Bennett. It might not be a taboo subject but generally people can be too frightened or intimidated by someone who is likely dangerous to speak their minds for fear of retaliation. Peace.

  2. Christine says:

    Whoa… I am impressed with your in-depth reporting. Keep it coming. Looking forward to new updates. Thanks for providing such a cool blog and raising the bar for others.

  3. Keren says:

    This guy’s no slouch, if he’s got the nerve to threaten an attorney… Does that break any laws?

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