Richard the Psychopath You Tube Phone Message May 20th

Richard the Psychopath You Tube Phone Message May 20th

Ahh, you know you’re not gonna get back to me, you little sleaze-ball.

How you doin’, Dave? Where’re you hiding now?

Well, I’ve been busy. Obviously, because I haven’t had the opportunity to see if your phone line is still connected, just f*cked-off the State of Washington.

By the way, put this on You Tube…

Uh, cyberspacers again… North Rainbow number one hundred. Mr. Warden employs ten, 21 million…

You know what? State of Nevada…

You know, I will get you, Dave. I will get you.

I don’t know how you skate through this, but I will stay on you, and your crap.

The junk that you and your psycho-buddy, uh Bob, huh huh… who lives off his own mother and kids.

Dave, there’s nothing that you can do that’s gonna stop me.

I would uh take great pleasure in sticking your head up your ass, and you know I could do that. Okay, any time I choose.

So, but I choose not to, Dave, because I want this to be something you look forward to every day, or don’t.

With Nats and the place in Salt Lake, excuse me, St. George, and all his phony horse shit; yours, of course.

But now, making the Internet a safer place for cyber-kids of all ages…

That one is gonna grab ya, Dave. That one is, and so s Vic Feazell and all these things that you’re not… multiples of egos…

Your whack-o sh*t.

Keeps producing. How you do it, who knows? Who knows?

But you know what? Who cares?

What will happen, Dave, is every day of your life you will look over your shoulder for me.

Talk to ya later.


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