Response to Psychopath’s You Tube Nuisance Phone Calls


In your latest rant to the owner/administrator of this site by phone, you gurgled out this claim that I was in the middle of a “NUISANCE SETTLEMENT” through some attorneys here in Ohio.  How about putting their names out there for me so that I may know who you’re talking about because it appears that you’re the only one that knows, but the truth be known you were asked by attorneys to quit calling and e-mailing them and that you were being a “NUISANCE”!!!

Meaning of Nuisance: One that is inconvenient, annoying or vexatious, a bother, the disruptive child, someone obnoxious, public nuisance, nuisance calls, common nuisance and the list goes on but in your case we have something more.  You have carried the meaning of this word to the extreme as you have done with everything else to the point that you cross the line.

CASE LAW (Short version): Nuisance signifies that the “Right of Quiet Enjoyment” is being disrupted to such a degree that a Tort (Civil Wrong-Legal Liability) is being committed.

five-thousand-dollar-reward-for-richard-wayne-bennett-wanted-felonWayne you have taken that to the extreme with your delusional fantasy that something is being done by your excessive phone calls and threats to people that your so called attorneys are working on all this crap to put someone away when the only person being put away is going to be you if we ever catch you and because you can’t stop yourself, your making that easier all the time!  You will screw up Wayne.  You always do at one point or another and maybe you’re just looking for a rent free home and three squares a day and I hope I can help you with that.

I’ve asked you a dozen times for names, addresses and phone numbers of your so-called attorneys but still nothing but smoke and mirrors.  I would love to have a conversation with them and go over how I’m going to sue you and file charges against you in the state we find and capture you in.  That’s all I’m waiting for but I won’t hold my breath because we all know it’s more of your imagination at work right???

About that $5,000.00 reward Wayne, well that is real and for the person that turns you over to the authorities and I have you prosecuted that reward will be theirs you can bet on it.  See Wayne, I’m not smoke and mirrors as I have told you before and if you think for one moment that I am then just cough up where you are and I’ll be there to follow through with my promise to put you away or you’ll die first with me trying.

That’s right Wayne we all hope you just shut up and die and do us all a favor and Aaron doesn’t have to worry because you won’t be where he is but in the opposite direction…Hell will never be full Wayne and that’s where your headed and we will relish in your departure and stop insulting his memory because you are not his father and he is not your son.  Sperm doesn’t make you a father and Aaron sure as you going to hell didn’t want to be your son.

You are nothing but scum and a twisted sick in the head freak and everyone is getting to know it because you can’t just shut up and disappear.  You just lost a few more on your FB and don’t worry about Sheila and Sue they are just fine and think your a sick freak as well and if it wasn’t for many there just to keep me informed you would be talking to yourself–oh that’s right no one ever responds to anything you post–you do just talk to yourself–and those photos you stole from others well we all know about that as well and you should know how to spell Devon and Kitty’s child’s name right as well–Oh I guess it really doesn’t matter you probably won’t be seeing her anyway just as you will never see a little boy that’s just out of this world.  Yes Wayne I get to see him and talk to him and do things for him and yes I have a relationship with his Mother and Father who both hate your guts and the more you attack me and mine, you just help grow that hatred for you so keep it up stupid!!!

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