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bowe-bergdahlRW BENNETT from Portland Oregon says:

WTF. When I think most of the blinders on morons have spewed out uneducated, malicious, hearsay as did Nathan Bethea and Michelle Malkin, you appear with a mouthful of your own crap. Just like Malkin etal, I hope this kind of “reporting” take you out of the limelight you so desperately seek. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED AT ZEROK. Bowe Bergdahl’s family should include in their list of libelelous and slanderous commentators who didn’t take time to read comments from the very source they quote!

The lies:

“…On July 4, 2009, a human wave of insurgents attacked the joint U.S./Afghan outpost at Zerok. It was in east Paktika province, the domain of our sister infantry battalion (3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry). Two Americans died and many more received wounds. Hundreds of insurgents attacked and were only repelled by teams of Apache helicopters”. WHAT A BLATANT FLAGRANT CROCK OF —— BETHEA!! The soldiers fought off the AAF’s and it wasn’t until hours later that the Helicopters did the cleanup.

My son, Aaron Fairbairn was there obviously so I have the classified report of the REAL attack. No wave of insurgents but a planned attack that had actually, according to the AR 15-6–THE only accepted investigation–began with alerts for an attack on June 16 and 26th, 2009 but no direct attack. On JUNE 16th Able did get ambushed on it’s way back from MENAH, a village about 6 km from Zerok so the COP ran these full Over run exercises based upon Intelligence reports going back over 30 days and as far back as APRIL 2009, long before Bergdahl left his Company. YET Bethea has the AAF’s forming a sophisticated attack and got their positions set up without being observed in just TWO DAYS? HUNDREDS according to his crap. In reality it was a mortar and RPG and heavy small arms fire well dug in around the perimeters of Zerok that started the attack and NOT waves of Hollywood like machine gun warriors. The only AAF’s closest –11-13 AAF’s–was when a squad his near Tower 3 started a heavy barrage on T-3 to cover for a SVBIED trying to breach. It was blown well OUTSIDE the COP but did demolish the Old Bazaar and there were US casualties from the blast. The AAF’s used the rubble to continue the firing. The AWT’s began over runs that pushed AAF’s back TWO HOURS after the initial IDF and NOT some low flying Helicopter force on the spot!!. ALSO, the first Medevac were there but couldn’t and didn’t land until 0701 ,one and a half hours after the attack began. Not because of they weren’t unavailabile but because of the positions of AAF and the heavy SAF (small arms fire) MOST of the damage was done almost immediately as well as the casualties suffered. . BUT more importantly, as the attack was expected on the 3rd of July and didn’t happen, I believe Kawaguchi laid back and didn’t expect the attack on the fourth either.

“..One of my close friends was the company executive officer for the unit at Zerok. He is a mild-mannered and generous guy, not the kind of person prone to fits of pique or rage. But, in his opinion, the attack would not have happened had his company received its normal complement of intelligence aircraft: drones, planes, and the like. Instead, every intelligence aircraft available in theater had received new instructions: find Bergdahl. My friend blames Bergdahl for his soldiers’ deaths. I know that he is not alone, and that this was not the only instance of it. His soldiers’ names were Private First Class Aaron Fairbairn and Private First Class Justin Casillas.”

No wonder he is up for an award–for writing fiction!! The only truth out of his mouth concerning Zerok is that Aaron and Justin were KIA! The rest he writes about should be investigated for accuracy as well. But ZEROK? I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THERE!!

The XO know who I am as does every soldier and GENERAL associated with Zerok. If it weren’t for the Classified part of the AR-15-6, I would place HIS sworn statement on this site. But let’s ask him instead, eh Bethea. Maybe Kawaguchi-as in CO–would like to read your version?. OH, I will surely get it to him


June 13, 12:35 pm

RW BENNETT from Portland Oregon says:

PS: Leave my son’s name out of your post’s. His rest has been violated enough!

June 13, 12:36 pm

RW BENNETT from Portland Oregon says:

June 13, 12:38 pm

RW BENNETT from Portland Oregon says:

ADD this to your fragmented thinking:

As to the worldwide–and mostly ignorant– response to the release of the five Taliban leaders, as anyone with any faith in this country should/will know how harmless that would have been and would still be if the Media left it alone.

We owned those five men for TEN– I SAY TEN– years and we have very good mind control resources. CAN anyone say for certainty what was or is happening at Gitmo? Think they have Cable TV and “everything will be fine ALLAH classes? Those five would probably wake up in the dark of night looking for a Twinkie and humming God Bless America if we wanted that! Really? BUT ONE THING TO consider and is a real deal… They are/will NOT be trusted to take a dump without listening devices up their rear ends . OH.. and have undercover lip readers when they are praying to make sure that they actually are!! Praying, that is and not returning “sensitive” stuff in exchange for a Twinkie and Rosanne Barr’s version of the Nation Anthem? Funny? Maybe. But look what primitive mind control has accomplished from Viet Nam? They will hardly be trusted even if they–the others–wanted to. One thing the Taliban and any other AAF’s or anyone else HAS to relate too: THEY know the capabilities of our Psychological potential!! It will take more years than they have left to trust them so they are a no threat unless someone is smart enough to –or dumb enough to–APPEAR to be them to instill a faith in their homeboys by showing that the USA cannot win any way. You know If they weren’t ready to be released, Bowe would still be there. Stop listening to the heads or tails idiots. Hannity is doing more to perpetrate mistrust and caste doubt on something he can only guess about. To think the Taliban is getting back “TOP LEADERS” is absolutely preposterous and to hear this crap spout from the mouths of our “Leaders”should have us look more closely at the bottom line: WTF do they really know about the capabilities of our “Mind benders”. And if anyone thinks that we are sending back those “TOP” leaders able and capable of jumping back into the fray is nothing more than insanely ridiculous! Yet it is becoming a form of mind blowing paranoia generating propaganda in itself!! FROM OUR LEADERS! OUR MEDIA.

Listening to Guilanni on Hannity–and Hannity doing the “Bobblehead” — while Guilanni stutters out that uneducated and unfounded crap is almost unbearable. AS they spout out the paranoia. Cruz and the rest of the LEADERS we elect and about every guest on Hannity, give us a good reason to trade THEM to
get the Taliban back!! We would probably be a lot safer!

June 13, 12:43 pm

RW BENNETT from oregon says:

I can’t let this go bye. This wanna be calls Bowe Bergdahl a Sissy. WHO is this POS? Bowe might have made a bad decision 5 years ago but a Sissy? Let’s see you, Abruzzo, handle ONE DAY in captivity let alone five years. Stay on the other side of the Pond, Abruzzo. I will see what I can do about this swill you regurgitate here.

June 14, 1:46 am

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One thought on “Re: Bowe Bergdahl and Aaron Fairbairn

  1. R.P. Bennett says:


    It appears that this so called loving father of Aaron is coming to the rescue and support of this deserter Bowe Bergdahl and has placed some comments on news sites about what he claims is the truth and how my Nephews fellow brothers that were there that day and with Bergdahl prior to the attack of Outpost Zorak describe what happened and how Soldiers died in looking for this deserter.

    This Marine Corp Deserter and ex-convict Richard Wayne Bennett himself would like for everyone to believe that Aaron’s fellow Soldiers are liars and are not telling things the way it really happened and basically making things up. He talks about a so called AR15-6 report that he received from the Army that tells the truth of how Aaron and his fellow brothers died but what he doesn’t say is that he raised hell with the Army saying that this same report that he now claims to be correct was nothing but a total lie!

    Why in the world would a so called father take the side of a deserter who may be responsible for the death of not only a son but also causing the death of seven other Soldiers and the wounding of eight more? Why would he not wait until the entire facts are known as to what happened and did in fact was Bergdahl responsible for aiding the enemy and giving information about these Outposts that would aid them in making direct hits on key positions?

    Why would a father betray his own son that he claims to have loved so much even though he was never a father to Aaron. He never took care of, supported financially or otherwise associated with Aaron’s his entire young life but instead has lived a life of crime and spent most of Aaron’s and his sisters young lives in prison?

    Why would anyone want to believe this maggot with anything he has to say about anything and lies to prop up his own phony self to have people believe he is this loving caring father when in fact he was the total opposite. I take him for what he describes himself in Court as being “A SELF ADMITTED PATHOLOGICAL LIAR”! This man would never tell the truth if his life depended upon it but sits there and slanders not only Aaron but the Soldiers who served and some who died with him!

    Why would a son change his last name so as not to be associated with the father? It’s easy, because he was ashamed to have the same name as this maggot.

    Aaron was raised Christian and died Christian and was of the Christian Faith. He was a fine young man that survived a rotten excuse for a father and now that same maggot is trying to destroy his memory and that of his family and why?

    The jealously is killing him and he is using Aaron’s death to glorify his own miserable life. The make this worse as I have stated above, this maggot is a MARINE CORP DESERTER himself as with this Bergdahl and even worse he claimed to have received THE SILVER STAR and TWO PURPLE HEARTS for his service in Vietnam when in fact he never received any such rewards so why in hell would anyone want to believe anything he has to say or even want to listen to anything he has to say. It’s a wonder he’s not trying to contact or have a relationship with Bergdahl’s family as the final insult to the death of Aaron and his fellow brothers……

    Robert Paul Bennett

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