Re: Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl

RW Bennett • June 4, 2014


WTF is going on here. I am Aaron’s Biological father and totally involved in all of this. I have spoken with EVERY person involved in Zerok as well as Generals after the investigation was completed and NOT ONE at Zerok even heard of Bowe at that time. NAME ONE Bethea. Remember I HAVE the investigation. AND I have the official investigation in my hand!! Bring it on you sicko’s.This Bethea goofball has not one supporting word from the AR15-6 that comes close to his garbage!!

“..Bethea first points to July 4, when “a wave of insurgents attacked the joint U.S./Afghan outpost at Zerok,” killing two U.S. soldiers. This attack came after four days of searches “enraged the local civilian population and derailed the counterinsurgency operations taking place at the time.”
WHAT a complete lie and distortion. THIS guy should be locked up!!

And this Hawkins guy even worse by posting completely false and erroneous crap! Same with Michelle Malkin. I hope that Bowe’s family cleans all of your clocks!! AND MY AR15-6 will support them against the slimeballs who jump on the bandwagon 5 years later. Including the whacko Dave Masters who had my son’s death published as a HOAX.
Lets see what CNN has to say now.


RW Bennett • June 6, 2014

My last post has been removed/not posted without explanation or reason because it contained irrefutable proof that Bethea et al made statements malicious, libelous and slanderous by alleging–accusing Bowe Bergdahl of contributing to the deaths of my son Aaron and Justin Casillas as well as 13 others injured at Zerok on July 4th,2009. With little or no concern for our families or our lost ones. WHY?

The above comments were posted online in regards to This Article.

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One thought on “Re: Aaron Fairbairn and Bowe Bergdahl

  1. Bob Paul Bennett says:

    There has been comments made here by a RW Bennett that are not welcomed by the family of PFC Aaron Fairbairn and just who is Richard Wayne Bennett? Well to make this simple and to the point I will direct you to and you will see just who this maggot is that is dishonoring the death of my Nephew and who hated this man so badly that he legally changed his name when he reached the age of 18 because he did not want anyone to know that he was related to this scum. His sister did the same when she turned 18 for the same reasons. When someone uses the death of a brave soldier foe his own phony reasons it is sickening…….

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